Musketeer Gripweed

Musketeer Gripweed

# Gripweed is rambling, rolling, grooving, good times music. Their songs roll like the hills of the Midwest. They groove & climb like the Rocky Mountains where they are created, and they ramble like Ole Miss herself. In a word Gripweed's music is America in all it's wild glory. Underneath the depression in these hard times, underneath the bullet fast lifestyles we live today there is still an America that is real and free, that is calling us all back to live more simply and to care enough to bring others along with us on that journey. It's time for a REVIVAL and Musketeer Gripweed will make you TESTIFY!" Jon Jordan-NADY Press " Jon Jordan - Nady Press
5 brothas, friends, and music makers..... Ben-Bass Fishing, Bottom end, 5 Strings, dogs, find' yo ass! Ehren-Guitars, Pedals, Singin', Slide, that amp thingy with the touchy buttons Brian and Stu-skins, beats, word Matt Goldberg-keys, funk, piano, talent, greens! Jason-acoustic, dobro, slide, harp, soul singin' percussion, lyrics, positivityPeace Gripweed-family band, family vibes, no attitude, rants, raves, conquest of the empire, MUCH RESPECT, MUCH MUSIC! .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ....
The band, Dylan, Robert Johnson, Sonny Boy, Allman Brothers, Jon Lennon, Beatles, Ben Harper, Otis Redding, Black Crowes, many, many more!
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Look, we make original music from the heart. We out everything into our music, and as people, on a basic level, we are more driven to be friends that sell ourselves to the music industry. We have patience, mindfulness, and we care about each other and the people that enjoy our music. Musketeer Gripweed is unlike any other band, because our friendships and fun are the most important things we seek.....and the music happens because of this.....but here's more fo' ya iffin' ya want! Peace!.

The Quick and Easy Boys

The Quick & Easy Boys, a power-trio out of Portland, Oregon, create their own blend of rock and roll. Imagine the Minutemen, Band of Gypsies and the Police rolled into one.

Formed in 2005, The Quick & Easy Boys quickly made a name for themselves in Eugene, Oregon before heading north and building a Portland, OR fanbase. Their shows are an interactive party with electrifying stage antics and profound musical moments as the trio pours out every ounce of their energy, leaving nothing behind. The band has gained the reputation for moving a crowd all-night long whether it be a big festival or a tiny watering hole. The core members – - Jimmy Russell on guitar, Sean Badders on bass, and Michael Goetz on drums – - have continued to evolve musically…and audiences continue their enthusiastic calling of “Yeah Bud!” at every show.

Birch Street

Formed in the Summer of 2011, Birch Street is a unique 5-piece Denver-based band with roots in rock and blues… They have been making waves in the Denver music scene with their ability to bring down the house on songs like "Bass Song" and "Like What You See", and move the crowd with songs like "Letter to Zoe","Alone In This House", and "Down the Line" … On vocals and acoustic guitar, Jake Langenhorst makes up the heart of the band with his incredible songwriting and vocal ability: his voice is bound to send shivers down your spine. On lead guitar, Andy Burns sends the energy the band to a higher level with his chops and melodic progression writing skills: he always knows how to get the crowd going. On keys, Sheldon Slater adds some blues and gritty soul to the melting pot: whether it is a ballad on up-tempo bass jam, Sheldon has the vibe to compliment everyone. On bass, Chad Macht keeps the bass pumpin' and tight from his slaps to his harmonious bass lines: you will feel the rumble on your chest when he plays his gorgeous 5-string bass. Lastly on drums, Cooper Leith lays down the groove to keep you moving from side to side: no matter the style, he will keep the beat going strong.



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