Chris Lane Band

Chris Lane Band

One might not expect to find a band with such a big sound coming from the small town of Kernersville, North Carolina, but it's hard to deny the upbeat rocking twist that Chris Lane Band has introduced to country music. The group consists of members Chris Lane (lead vocals, guitar), his twin brother Cory Lane (drums), Joseph Pope (lead guitar), Dean Kreseski (lead guitar), and Tom Sale (bass).

"The band started… just my brother (Cory) and I. We had just gotten out of college," remembers Chris, a University of North Carolina at Charlotte alum. While in school, Chris and his brother Cory were always engaged in extracurricular activities that brought out their determination and drive to be the best at what they love, such as being members of the baseball team at UNCC. As time progressed on, Chris discovered his love for playing the guitar and performing, and decided this was the dream he wanted to follow. Being influenced and inspired by country musicians who have made it big, Chris picked up his guitar and didn't look back.

"For me personally, I enjoy listening to a lot of Keith Urban, Eric Church, and Jason Aldean. Everybody in the band has different influences which helps make for a different sound". The band first started playing local gigs around Kernersville and the surrounding areas before hitting the road to tour out of state. The magnetic southern front man recalls the first show he put on with the band, "stepping for the first time on stage ever in my life… I don't think there's ever been a human being who has been more nervous than I was in that moment… from then to now, I mean, I live for it. I love it. I want the biggest crowd that you can play in front of".

The crowd of fans, Chris describes, is one of the main reasons he keeps on pushing himself and the band to continually strive to be successful. Despite the band's newly found success, they have seen the fans give so much love and support to the guys in exchange for a fun and high energy show performance. "With great support from friends and family and local clubs, we were able to put what is now the (band) together. It blows my mind every time we go play a local show and you see a lot of the same people. That's the kind of support it takes to make it. I know every country artist says that country music fans are the best fans in the world, and I'm finding out every day how true that statement really is. It's crazy how supportive people are, I love it."

"The overwhelming crowd support has been the best memory of our local shows. We can play anywhere locally, back-to-back nights and have a packed house… Its a great feeling knowing you took nothing but small set-up restaurant gigs, to playing some of the same stages you saw your idols perform on growing up".

Chris Lane Band is currently in the studio working to produce their first full-length album that will be due out April 17th, 2012. The album will consist of their popular song "All I Ever Needed" as well as their first single, "Too Tennessee", a catchy song about when opposites attract between a country boy and city girl.

"At the end of the day when this record is put out, I hope people can connect with the songs and feel what we are trying to convey in the messages. We want our fans to love the sound and direction we are heading with the music and hopefully we will pick up more fans a long the way. I'm really happy with the songs that I have written for this album… I'm very excited to see what people think about them. We've been playing some of the new tracks live and people are already singing along to the new songs, and I will say its one of the best feelings I've ever had!"

"I would say… it takes a lot of hard work and you can't give up. If something doesn't go right or go your way, you know, we've had a lot of stuff not go our way, but we didn't give up. We stuck in there."



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