Open Door Music #1, - A Conducted Improvisation and Free Style Music Festival Celebrating the Legacy of Butch Morris, Featuring IMP ORK and the Minnesota Premiere of Black February: a documentary on Butch Morris

Open Door Music #1 - A Conducted Improvisation and Free Style Music Fest

Featured Artiists:
Imp Ork

Cherry Spoon Collective-


Coloring Time-

Vipal Monga -

IMP ORK was formed in 1986 by saxophonist John Devine and cellist Michelle Kinney. The orchestra first appeared at the Minnesota Institute of the Arts in the fall of 1986 and then at the Walker Art Center in June 1987 with guest conductor Butch Morris. They have since worked with numerous other guest artists including Roscoe Mitchell, Don Cherry, Ernie Watts, Julius Hemphill, and Edwina Lee Tyler. The group ranges in instrumentation from a seven-piece brass choir to a 32-piece big band/chamber orchestra hybrid. The CD "Walk at the Liver/Live at the Walker", recorded in 1995 and released in 1997.

Improvestra is based entirely on improvised large ensemble music that is guided by "conduction". Improvestra was formed in the fall of 2011 by composer/improviser/educator Christopher Cunningham to introduce students to the possibilities of large ensemble improvisation. The group has been performing often in the Twin Cities ever since, with a perpetually expanding roster of experienced professional improvisers from the area, college age musicians, and exceptional high school-aged student improvisers. The group is currently conducted by composer/conductor Adam Conrad.

Coloring Time is a Minneapolis based improvisational ensemble fronted by the dynamic pairing of emcees Joe Horton and Kristoff Krane. Since their beginning in 2010, core instrumentalists Graham O'Brien (drums), Casey O'Brien (bass), Robert Mulrennan (guitar), and John Keston (keys) have developed an obvious report with one another and with the vocalists. The group is expansive in their approach to improvisation, working to heighten their musical lucidity and their connection to their audience. Festival performers- Joe Horton, Kristoff Krane, John Keston, Casey O'Brien, Eric Foss. sitting in- Michelle Kinney and Chris Cunningham

Cherry Spoon Collective is a new, multi-generational, multi-instrumental group of 15+ improvising local musician/composers. Musician members are active in several prominent local smaller ensembles (Zeitgeist, Jelloslave, Orange Mighty Trio, Coloring Time, etc.) that represent the most innovative music scenes the Twin Cities has to offer. This experimental music collective features freshly commissioned and improvisational new music. Members of the Cherry Spoon Collective are top-notch composers/musicians performing at the top of their game as they seek to create a vibrant environment for new music. Fest performers- Michelle Kinney, Schuyler Petersen, Geoff Senn, Joe Peterson, Scott Fultz, Elliot Wachs, Trent Jacobs, Nick Gaudette, Pat O'Keefe, Chris Cunningham, George Cartwright, Jacqueline Ultan, Joe Horton, Laura Harada, Michael Ethen, Zack Kline.

Vipal Monga is a filmmaker and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. His earlier, shorter video and film work has been showcased across the United States and internationally.His short documentary, Vipal has collaborated on dance film projects with number of dance artists, including- work with Tai Jimenez and Francesca Harper. He worked with Butch Morris and theatre director Scott Cohen on My Great Descent and has edited Personality, a documentary about Bollywood dancers directed by Vinay Chowdhry. Black February is his first feature film.

$15.00 - $25.00


Ballet of the Dolls, Ritz Theater and Open Door Music present Open Door Music #1. Four prolific and passionate Twin Cities-based large improvising ensembles, which have direct and indirect connections to Butch Morris' work. Friday, September 13 will feature performances by IMP ORK, and the Minnesota premiere of Black February, the documentary film by Vipal Monga on the conduction legend Butch Morris. Saturday, September 14 will feature a second showing of Black February and performances by Cherry Spoon Collective, Improvestra and Coloring Time. Tickets are $15 or $25 for a two day festival pass. If you would like to purchase tickets for Saturday, September 14 only, go here:

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