Still Alive, Dirty Kid Discount, Days N Daze, The Mizzerables

Still Alive

Still Alive makes music together combining different genres that probably shouldn't be mixed. We do it anyway. At the end of the day, Still Alive is essentially a Punk/Reggae band. Tap your toe or bang your head, Still Alive has something for you. Come out, have a beer and hang out with us!

Dirty Kid Discount

Blacked out Folk Punx

Thrash Grass! Romantic Nihilism! Camp Fire Crust! Filth Playing an acoustic busking set of Moonsorrow covers.

Members Icky: Accordion, Vocals, Ira Feri
Pitch: Washboard, Guitarz, Vocals, Swimtrunks
Jake: Guitarz, vocals, Bein' Posi'
Emily: Mad Pipes For Dayz and Mando Skillz!
Jay: Bass, That Guy Screaming
Jessie: Drums Of the Trash GODZ!
Mark Paschen: Acoustic Guitar, Saw, Vocals
Erin Wolf: Banjo, Vocals

Days N Daze

Thrash Grass,

Big Dreams, Loud Screams, Strong Drinks

We mean folkin' business.
Jesse Sendejas- Vocals/Guitar/Accordion/Banjo
Whitney Flynn- Vocals/Trumpet/Uke
Geoff Bell- Gutbucket extraordinaire
Matt Fries/ Wade Shippey-Washboard

The Mizzerables

Mixing gritty vocals and a poppy, melodic sensibility with a bit of an aggressive streak, the Mizzerables are the kind of punk band that makes you want to put your arm around your buddy's shoulders, raise your beer and sing at the top of your lungs. It's good time rock-and-roll meets pop punk.

Drawing on influences like The Methadones, Pegboy, The Lawrence Arms and Naked Raygun, The Mizzerables are every bit a Chicago power pop punk band with a splash of Hot Water Music and early Green Day thrown in for good measure.


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