The Browning

The Browning

In what could be described as nothing short of 'adventurous,' THE BROWNING's music takes influences from all across the metal spectrum and heavily fuses them with hardstyle, trance and other areas of electronic music in a way that most metal acts would not dare attempt. The band pushes boundaries and pushes buttons. In short, when it comes to The Browning, put it best when they said "the soundtrack to the apocalypse has arrived."

This Or The Apocalypse

Exhibiting a veteran-like display of confidence and focus, This Or The Apocalypse's accelerated evolution redefines how bands come into their own. Taking flight alongside regional peers A Life Once Lost, This Day Forward and August Burns Red, TOTA tightrope walks between masterfully crafted time signatures, dense rock grooves and melodic atmosphere. Their music combines the precision and technical prowess of Meshuggah with the raw, emotive urgency of Misery Signals: A sound that is loud, compelling, and unique. As if the entity of the band emerged through natural selection over the members themselves, the band's resilient DIY ethos prevails in everything they create. This Or The Apocalypse is now poised to unleash their most accomplished and refined work to date; Monuments, the follow-up to their epic 2006 full-length, Sentinels.

Honour Crest

A Metalcore/Electronica band tearing its way through the scene. With upcoming tours and a new album "Metrics" being released this Fall, expect huge things from this up and coming band.

Formed in 2009, in the Virginia Beach and Norfolk areas of Virginia, Honour Crest seamlessly blends fast paced beats into an electronica-metalcore hybrid.

Zach Fitzpatrick, Jimmy Dillon, and Cory Beaver perfectl
y compliment Luke Borza's aggressive vocals on guitar, bass, and drums respectively. Rounding out the five-piece and adding an extra dimension to their contemporaries lack is Chad Orange's electronics programming, fusing perfectly with the bands intense guitar work and vocals.

Honour Crest's live shows are more like parties with something for every music fan to enjoy.

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