Mord Fustang

"The kids just can't get enough of that complextro or whatever you like to call it, and apparently this 20 year-old from Estonia (of all places) is no different. Mord Fustang only has 2 tracks released right now, both on Miles Dyson's Plasmapool, but boy are they jams. There are some serious Porter Robinson elements in there and he's on the label that signed Pance Party so I'd say it's safe to say good things are on the way for Mord Fustang."

Milo & Otis

With an insatiable hunger for success, Alex Wood has taken the dance music scene by storm and doesn’t plan on looking back. Having discovered his passion for dance music at an early age, Alex jumped headfirst into the industry with one goal in mind: to perform the music he loved in front of a live audience.

What ended up happening was more than anyone could have asked for.

Working his way up as an event promoter, he eventually learned the ins and outs of the event industry, starting his own weekly Thursday night party called Ignition at the iconic Firestone Live in downtown Orlando. The success of Thursday nights has catapulted Alex into the limelight, as he performs in front of thousands and pushes both popular and underground sounds to the rapidly growing Orlando dance music scene on a weekly basis. His DJ sets are not your typical “start-to-finish” sets that most are accustomed to. Instead, audiences can expect a diverse array of sounds and genres that will keep fans on their toes from “start-to-finish.” Education is what fuels innovation, and Alex makes sure his DJ sets reflect that philosophy.

But it doesn’t stop there – having just formed AMG Talent Agency, Alex plans to further make his mark as a prolific contender in the Orlando dance music community by pushing new music and other talented local artists to the masses.

Phoenix Jagger

Twenty year old Phoenix Jagger is from a small town on the beach in Florida. For the past two years Jagger has had the opportunity of mixing and meeting with some of the most talented artists in the music industry. His thirst for music has driven him far, and he's only going up from here. He lives for being on stage and connecting with the crowd every time he performs. From iFILTHY!, Dub-Step, Bangerz to bone chilling House Anthems, Phoenix Jagger throws down a little of everything. “I live, dream, think and almost safe to say bleed music “Jagger says.

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