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Rainbow Jackson

Rainbow Jackson, the scuzzed-up power pop band from Echo Park, take their name from the greatest American athlete to ever play two sports, Bo Jackson. Band members Chad, Sam, Laith and Andy share a two bedroom house and a practice space with the talented and universally liked band Vanaprasta as well as a cat, a dog and a small collection of uninvited mice. They’ve been a mainstay of Echo Park’s indie scene for the last two years, supporting their friends White Arrows, NO and Youngblood Hawke.
Earlier this year, the band went to SXSW, where they performed at the Amazon MP3 Party and the Ooh La LA Records Showcase. Death+Taxes Magazine called them one of SXSW 2013 Rising Stars. In April, they released a new song called Flamingo Starr, which premiered via Pure Volume. The buzz from that landed the band a few other opportunities, including an on-air performance with AXS TV Live, where they played Flamingo Starr and a new one, Psycho Betty. The band also just won Diffuser.FM’s Song of the Month Poll with a solid 39% of the vote, which lead to this sweet interview.
In June, Rainbow Jackson released a split 7” with The Hindu Pirates via Near Mess Records, featuring the single Freckles, which premiered via Buzzbands. The video for Freckles later premiered via Pure Grain Audio. That same month, the band was also featured in a commercial for Pivot TV, which was featured by Entertainment Weekly.
Recently, Rainbow Jackson premiered a new single called Psycho Betty via Crave Online. Psycho Betty is the first track released from their forthcoming Perpetual Summer EP, a follow up to 2012’s Rippin’ Off The Rails. The Perpetual Summer EP should be out sometime this fall (we hope).

Josh Boyd 3


Creeps is Amaru Tejada, Nora Bright and Patrick Fromm. We are three mellow buds jamming and singing through space-time. We live in Los Angeles and play pop, slop, fuzzy rock songs about cars, food, dancing and hussies.

DJ Val Fleury

Val Fleury is half of Immigré DJs - A dynamic duo known for their innate love for music, style, and international culture, as well was finding cutting-edge and exciting ways to openly mix music: indie rock, nu-disco, trap, electro pop, house & more. MiniMix debuted summer 2013 and is available on Soundcloud.


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