Ami Saraiya & the Outcome

Ami Saraiya & the Outcome

There’s drama when Ami Saraiya and her band, The Outcome, take the stage. It’s a dark atmosphere, but it swings baby—a worldly staging of folk punk and jazz cabaret. And amongst the accordion, the violin and the guitars, it’s Ami’s sultry voice that recalls Piaf and Holiday which takes the spotlight. Then, there are the song-stories—often saturnine, often employing magical realism.

The 7 piece, Chicago based music ensemble Ami Saraiya & The Outcome is described by Jessica Hopper of the Chicago Tribune as “Creative energy with intensity. Saraiya's vintage cabaret is drama in bold relief, swinging from playful to maudlin in a single measure.” Featuring Ami Saraiya on vocals, accordion, guitar, two backing vocalists, violin, upright bass, electric guitar, and drums, the ensemble plays a combination of cabaret and balkan-indy pop that will leave your head spinning. The ensemble's genre-defying original tunes have the dark flair of Tom Waits, Bjork, St. Vincent and Edith Piaf. "Ami Saraiya conjures up the kind of Old World Europhilia that any cabaret-pop songwriter worth her kazoo solo should. But the Chicago-based artist also differentiates herself with elements of fragmented indie rock and some truly wild vocal contortionism. She knows when to straighten her delivery for fuller emotional impact, too, pulling her Left Bank torch songs and Balkan accordion hop back to the here and now" (Flavorpill)

Ami is a veteran of the Chicago eclectic and varied music scene—before she released her first solo album, Archeologist, Ami was a member of pop collective Radiant Darling and R&B band Pelvic Delta, and has toured locally and regionally with appearances at The Hideout, The Empty Bottle, Metro and Double Door. A classically-trained pianist and a former music major at Indiana University, Ami also plays accordion and the guitar. Ami performs live with her band, The Outcome.

The Claudettes

Pianist Johnny Iguana formed the Claudettes, who feature Berit Ulseth on vocals, Zach Verdoorn on bass guitar and vocals and Matt Torre on drums. Johnny, who has toured internationally with his own cult-favorite rock band oh my god, is currently a member of two Grammy-nominated blues groups: Chicago Blues--A Living History and the Muddy Waters 100 Band. Johnny has toured or recorded with Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, James Cotton, Carey Bell, Lil' Ed and more. The Claudettes combine the Chicago blues-piano tradition with the energy of rockabilly and punk and the sultry sound of '60s soul-jazz to create a thrilling new spin on American roots music.

Jenny Dragon

New to the Chicago roots/Americana scene, Jenny Dragon is a six (sometimes eight) piece band that celebrates a throwback take on modern music. Jenny Dragon defines their sound as “Heavy Whimsy,” a sound that has been developing over the past two years and expresses the group’s desire to create music that is both appealing and consequential. The group seems to defy category, dabbling in a nostalgia that combines jazz, blues, country, folk, doo wop, and rock influences, and often shifting genres to best serve the story of a song. Having recorded and recently released their debut album, “A Fair Souvenir,” at Martyrs’ in Chicago, Jenny Dragon continues to write and introduce original material to their live sets at some of Chicago’s best music venues.

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