Cate Le Bon returns with her 3rd LP, Mug Museum, perhaps her most beguiling and complete song cycle to date, which will be released 11th November on The Elite Meat Supply (Turnstile).

Cate Le Bon hails from Carmarthenshire, rural West Wales and is currently a resident of Highland Park, Los Angeles, having relocated across the pacific, coinciding with the recording of her new album.

Having finished live commitments for CYRK towards the end of 2012, Le Bon returned to Wales to write the songs that would become Mug Museum. The album is informed by a period of taking stock after a bereavement. “Following the death of my maternal Grandmother I felt a very palpable shift in the roles that we’d all become accustomed to within the female line of the family which, for the first time, had me mulling over the importance of my place and purpose within this female chain” says Le Bon “The album’s theme emerged from and circulating around these maternal familial relationships and this period of a calm, lengthy, intent consideration in turn drew other relationships into the Mug Museum”.

With Le Bon subsequently relocating to California, Mug Museum was recorded at the recently opened Seahorse Sound studios, Los Angeles. Produced by Noah Georgeson (who is perhaps best known for his work with Joanna Newsom and Devendra Banhart) and Josiah Steinbrick, Mug Museum is an album that lets in the sunlight and space and relocates the West Wales lilt in Le Bon’s voice to an equally apposite West Coast setting. In the studio Le Bon assembled a band of friends from both continents such as multi-instrumentalists Sweet Baboo and H. Hawkline and Nick Murray from White Fence.

As well as describing the personnel involved in Mug Museum, ‘Welsh – Californian’ is a phrase that captures the album’s sound: woozily melodic, dreamily confident and wrapped in a hazy psychedelic gauze. This is a record made with the type of clarity that follows a change in perspective and situation. There is a directness and openness across the ten tracks on Mug Museum that suggest everyone involved had discovered the same lightness of touch and sense of purpose.

Kevin Morby (of Woods & The Babies)

Harlem River marks the solo debut of songwriter Kevin Morby. Known for his work as the singer/guitarist for the Brooklyn band The Babies and bassist for Woods, the Kansas City native and new Los Angeles resident, calls the record "an homage to New York City," his adopted home for the past five years.

Harlem River features eight interweaving tales of tragedy and misfortune; a series of desperate characters playing out their dramas with the city as backdrop. A departure from some of the signature sounds of his better known projects, Morby's songs glisten with a haunting intimacy and while he maintains that the songs are stories about other people, it's hard not to feel a piece of him in each one; a half-imagined, half-painfully personal world of lost love, addiction, violence and prayers for the departed.

Karina Denike

Steeped in the lost eras of 1930’s torch songs and Motown, her original songs draw from such influences as doo wop drama, sea shanties, Morricone soundtracks, girl groups and Eastern European lullabies. A focus on performance and obsessed with the voice as an instrument, her lock-solid vocal harmonies can hush rooms with a whisper and break hearts with a shout. Supporting herself on chord organ and vibraphone, and backed by an adventurous San Francisco band of established composers and musicians in their own right; Aaron Novik on Bass Clarinet, Lily Taylor and Melody Ferris on vocal harmonies, James Frazier on Fender VI baritone guitar, Eric Garland on Drums, and Michael McIntosh on keys, Denike is preparing to release her first solo album after a double single release on PortoFranco records in 2012, her 2011 EP release "Musee Mecanique". Denike's band have played in Japan, Europe, N.Y.C., L.A., and for dOCUMENTA 2012 in Kassel Germany. They have also played for SF's Noise-pop festival, on KPFA,KALX and KALW, been featured on Youtube, and on the Undercover Presents series "the Pixies-Doolitttle" and "Bob Dylans' Highway 61 Revisited", which Denike was also Guest musical director for.

"She is a naturally soulful performer, swaying and dancing, using her expressive face and her arms to underline her vocal delivery. But her singing, like her music, is perfectly balanced – her sense of pitch, volume, phrasing are formidable. It is a rare thrill to run into a performer who has such technique and such artistry. Denike’s songs combine a dizzying array of styles and influences: doo wop, early rock and soul, tin pan alley, cabaret, classic and contemporary singer songwriters. She distills everything into an organic, irresistable pop music." --The Bay


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