All About A Bubble

All About A Bubble is a band that knows what it wants. With undeniable hooks and driving melodies the five-piece from Tulsa, OK has a sound that grabs you by the face and demands that you listen. The group has toured the nation, playing for crowds of thousands and has won fan voted accolades for "Song Of The Year" and "Best Indie Rock Band" at the Absolute Best Of Tulsa Awards at 2013. They also won the International 2014 Breakout Artist music competition out of over 11,000 submissions worldwide voted by top industry judges including Grammy winners and record label A&R. Most recently the band won a competition to play at The Hop Jam music festival with Hanson as well as the Center of the Universe Festival with Panic! at The Disco and American Authors. Soon fans across the nation will know what fans in Oklahoma already know: that All About A Bubble will continue to create a fresh rock sound that will capture the attention of music fans for years to come.


Wonderheim started out as a group of 3 creative guys who decided to come together and create something fantastical. Aaron J. Morton, Matt Morton (not related), and Seth McNamar announced Wonderheim's existence in a video called "Welcome to Wonderheim" on Christmas of 2011. Since then, we've been putting our minds to the task of making music and videos to entertain and inspire.

In late march 2012, we released our first music video on youtube, "Dreams and Nightmares".

Halfway through the production of the "Dreams and Nightmares" project, we found our original drummer, Brittany Morgan! Soon after, Emma Hardin Joined as a Cellist/Vocalist. The five of us went forward with recording the rest of our first EP. The process of making the EP took more than 16 months to complete, but we're very excited about the end result!

Our group has evolved even more during the post-production of the EP, we've waved goodbye to a couple of the members Brittany Morgan, and founding member Seth McNamar as they have moved on to pursue their life dreams.

Our new drummer, Daniel De La Vega has stepped in with sticks flying and has added energy to the group. As Wonderheim continues to evolve, we hope we can continue to create better and better content for our fans.

There's a lot of new stuff going on around here, so join us!

Young Lyons

Young Lyons is a three piece alternative pop rock band from Tulsa, OK. The band was formed in spring of 2012 when John Lyons (vocals/guitar) recruited bassist Paul Cristiano and producer Brad Mitcho to collaborate on a new batch of songs. After some quick success writing, John and Paul decided to further their association under the name Young Lyons (a name suggested by Brad) and subsequently added drummer Kayle Greiman. While the band takes it's cues from the modern electro-pop recipe, Young Lyons certainly isn't afraid to take chances and has a sound that is solely their own. Their debut EP arrives Fall 2012.


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