Weighed In The Balance

No Friends

To be honest, No Friends doesn't have an epic back story or even a mildly hilarious anecdote to describe their history. Tony met Sam, Richard and Alex when New Mexican Disaster Squad was on tour with Strike Anywhere and Municipal Waste back in 2002. They dug each other's bands and liked hanging out, so they kept in touch and played some more shows together. When Tony heard that NMDS was going belly up in late 2009, he called Richard and said, "Dude, what's up with New Mexican?" Richard replied, "We're done. Brian can't tour anymore so we're calling it quits. We don't want to keep the band going without him." Tony replied, "Well, you guys need to start a hardcore band with me!" They said, "Fuck yeah." Enabled by an array of modern technological wizardry, Sam, Richard, and Alex were able to write and record demos in Florida and email them to Tony, who spent tedious tour drives writing lyrics and throwing in his input. With only 6 practices under their belt, they hit the studio and recorded a full-length which saw the light of day in August of 2009 on No Idea Records.

$8.00 - $10.00


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