Chris Turner

Chris Turner

In April 2011, he was selected by BET to perform on 106 and Park as an "Artist To Watch" for BET's Music Matters campaign.

Chris released his first single, "Liquid Love," in 2010, and is working on his album, "LOVEchild."
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"Music is what I do…." This classically trained crooner deftly combines streams of jazz, hip-hop, funk, and soul in his music; he's as comfortable with falsetto and scatting as he is with laying down smooth and creative phrasings.

Growing up Oakland, CA, Chris Turner knew at the age of four that he wanted to be a singer just like his father. As a child, he was member of the Kairos Youth Choir at Crowden Music School, performed at the age of nine with the San Francisco Opera Company, and was a student with the Young Musicians Program at the University of California (YMP), one of the leading music training programs in the nation. Chris graduated from the School of the Arts (SOTA) High School in San Francisco and was selected to be the featured vocalist for the SF Jazz High School All-Stars, opening up for jazz greats like Herbie Hancock, Wynton Marsalis, and Michael Brecker. He was later selected to the prestigious GRAMMY High School Jazz Ensemble and performed with many GRAMMY artists including Carlos Santana, Kirk Whalum, and Dave Koz.

Chris graduated from the New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music in 2007. He currently tours internationally with Bilal Oliver and has toured with Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, and Sean Kingston.

Johnny Popcorn

Funk/Soul has been arranged and dragged through the years so much, its aged prematurely. Bands have evolved and even died as its progressive strain mutated and grew. Being a genre so bratty and angst ridden, funk is a recycled phenomenon, Its infectious armor healing after a continuous battering.


In 2000, music was beginning to morph and grow an over-skin where generic bands could take shelter. At that time, Johnny Popcorn was in its early stages and was just a release for its members. Considering the project as something fun outside of their regular music careers, Johnny Popcorn would be the outlet when things got too stressful. Fittingly enough, recording some Johnny Popcorn hits seemed to hit the spot.

Consisting of two members, (Hezekiah and Tone Whitefield) the duo's inspiration and experience is the masterpiece that cements Johnny Popcorn. Vocalist and song writer Hezekiah is no stranger to the music industry with 3 full length solo albums as a Hip-Hop artist. Feeling like he was neglecting his Southern Funk/Rock upbringing passed down by his parents from Kentucky and North carolina, he was inspired to do something new and exciting which ultimately settled into a new found passion. Bass guitarist and all around producer Tony Whitfield, would aid Armstrong on his Punk/Rock/Funk/Soul assault with a diverse spark of rawness and sound the act needed for progress.

The JOHNNY POPCORN name was inspired by Hezekiah and Tone joking around at open mics and putting fake names on the list. When the time came... the show host said the name, Johnny Popcorn, on the mic and the audience chuckled and repeated the name. Thus Johnny was born. A substance so meaningful to them, it deserved its own ego.

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