Velcro Lewis Group, Estrogen Highs

Velcro Lewis Group

Rhythm and Power!

Velcro Lewis (lead vocals, didley bow, percussion)
Hawk Colman (lead vocals, drums, percussion)
Phil Hunger (lead guitar, organ, synthesizers)
Halden Spoonwood (bass, vocals)
Lawrence Peters (electric washboard, bass vocals, snare)

Estrogen Highs

Estrogen Highs was started in 2007 as a solo side project for frontman Stefan Christensen. A 5 song CD-R was released and was soon followed by those five songs being remixed, mastered, and put onto 2 7"s ('E Major D Construction' and 'She Don't Bother EP'). With some attention being garnished from the release of the 7"s a full band was formed with the addition of Wes Nelson on bass, Mark Scialabia on guitar, and Chip Crane on drums. This lineup would go on to record another 7" and the bands first full length "Tell It to Them" (Dead Beat Records). "Tell It to Them" saw the band moving away from its original garage influences and into new territory. After some shifts in lineup the band eventually settled back in with Ross Menze on drums and saw the release of their critically acclaimed second full length album "Friends & Relatives" and highly diverse "Cycles EP." These releases displayed a band indebted to post-punk, kiwi pop, and experimental music, while at the same time forging their own individual sound. The band stayed active with national tours and the release of their third full length, "Irrelevant Future," via Trouble in Mind Records



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