Deadstring Brothers, Pearls Mahone, The Ditchrunners

Deadstring Brothers

It may be a surprise to hear the country rock sounds of Detroit's Deadstring Brothers coming from a city better known for loud rock and roll, but disillusionment can take many channels. Desolation, frustration and regret have always been present where great country music was played, and from its bombed-out inner city to its sterile suburbs, Detroit has its share.

Deadstring Brothers began in fall 2003. Since then, the band has worked to develop their own take on the American Sound, drawing influences from a variety of sources. Its all in there somehow, declares Kurt, but blues and country music just feel the most natural.

Not unlike Exile-era Stones, Deadstring Brothers deliver a menacing sound that draws equally on the melancholy of country ballads and the abandon of rock and blues. The bands music is deeply rooted in the storytelling and instrumental traditions of Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and the American Outlaw Movement, but is also informed by the song structure and understated aggression commonly associated with Detroit bands. Their haunting melodies reveal the influence of early 70s rock icons like The Band and Gram Parsons and The Faces. Deadstring Brothers live performances have the energy of guitar rock, but sophisticated arrangements, Hammond Organ and a focus on traditional American music separate them from many of their Detroit contemporaries.

The band has been touring steadily since the 2004 release of their eponymous debut and have shared the stage with acts ranging from Shooter Jennings, Cat Power and Jesse Sykes to Giant Sand, My Morning Jacket, Drive by Truckers and the Mekons.

Pearls Mahone & The One Eyed Jacks

Pearls Mahone & The One-Eyed Jacks combines strong heart wrenching vocals, rockin guitar riffs, a sexy bass line, and a rhythm that just won't quit. Embracing a passion for rockabilly music, moonshine, ratrods, rhythm & blues, bad boys, outlaw and traditional country, PBR, and good tattoos--their music tells tales of love, hardship, and vice. Unlike any other band out there, Pearls Mahone & The OneEyed Jacks, are undoubtedly one of the most exciting up and coming rockabilly bands out today.

Add the dark gospel of Pearls Mahone & The One-Eyed Jacks to your friends, your playlist, and family today!

The Ditchrunners

Face Melting, High Octane Country!

"The Ditchrunners are beginning to make a ripple, no a cannonball, in the Great Lakes music scene. If you are wondering what kind of music to expect from these boys, think the opposite of radio stars such as Kenney Chesney and Toby Kieth. I would think more along the lines of Central Wisconsin rebel-rousing, whiskey-fueled, high-octane country." -Adam Greuel, HOOPLA Magazine

"From Stevens Point, these five guys must have had a love hate relationship with the country music they grew up with. They kept the country twang, and sometimes a bit of the hoe-down beat, but added a hard edge in the guitar work and palpable rebel-rousing attitude. Its more than Toby Keith country, but less than gritty southern metal, settling in a rebellious bluegrassy middle ground. Singing about whiskey, trucks, guns and girls, they sure know how to occasionally throw in some top notch vocal harmonies, without losing that outlaw edge." -City Pages

"A first listen to these northern Wisconsin boys and its clear that they were influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and many of the other bad ass country playing pioneers of the genre." -Tom Jordan

"In from Stevens Point, this rip-roaring country band will turn the Crystal Corner into the kind of roadhouse where one might find George Jones or the ghost of Johnny Cash!" -Isthmus

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