Marty DeRosa

Marty DeRosa

Marty DeRosa began doing stand-up comedy in 2006 and has quickly set himself apart from his comedy peers with an amazing flair for crowd work and an uncanny knowledge of professional wrestling. A south side favorite, this Indiana native is sure to make a name for himself among the nation's comedy movers and shakers.

Colin Bullock

Collin A. Bullock is a young, Chicago-based, comedian who’s hilarious observations and assured stage presence are tearing up the national scene like a weevil with a rocket on its back. He’s also really good at similes.

Collin combines witty jokes with sharp crowd work to create a well rounded act that everyone can enjoy. Everything from family troubles to pie eating contests to the 1996 Steven Seagal vehicle “Executive Decision” are skewered by Collin’s slightly warped point of view, leaving the audience in stitches. This is usually not literal.

Kenny Kinds

Jon Venegoni

Jon Venegoni is an up-and-coming comic that performs in and hosts many shows around St. Louis and the midwest. He is the 2013 winner of RFT's Standup Throwdown. He is thrilled that you are reading this and considering coming to the show!

Kelsey McClure

Kelsey is a distinctively average comedian. She also books, promotes, hosts and produces a variety of comedy events in the city of St. Louis. She doesn’t mind speaking in third person and one day hopes to sit on Conan O’Brien’s couch.



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