The Spice of Life, Lil Skritt, All Rise, Old North

The Spice of Life

The name comes from the saying "Variety, is the spice of life." We play and experiment with a wide range of different genres from heavy metal to funk/rock/reggae which creates our own unique sound.

Lil Skritt

Blazing the weirdest hip hop and r and b.
Holla at ja boi.

All Rise

All Rise is a three piece hardcore street punk band, that is nationally known. With extreme stage presence for a 3 piece band, everything is brutal as can be. With the anger and the truth of the band it's hard not to listen and not want to completely throw down, or throw up. Up the punx and support your scene.

Old North

Old North is another amalgamation of loose-fitting parts from the shipwrecks and zeppelin disasters of the Queen City.

$5.00 - $7.00


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