Founded in November of 2010 by Mark Zanandrea (guitar) Don Ciccone (bass) and Carol Pott (vocals and percussion), Rue '66 is a 1960s yé yé or go-go band. Now a complete eight-piece band with John Stuart on drums, Christian Iribarren on keys, Serena Campbell on vocals and percussion, Jeff Swartz on trombone, and John Peters on trumpet. Rue '66 plays authentic '60s yéyé.

Rue '66, SFs only authentic 60s French yé yé band, includes veteran musicians Mark Zanandrea, guitar (Cat Heads, It Thing), John Stuart, drums (Flying Color, Jammists), Don Ciccone, bass (The Trip, Angel Corpus Christie), Christian Iribarren, keyboards (Hard Rain), and Jeff Swartz, trombone, and John Peters, trumpet, from Shitty Shitty Band Band. Carol Pott ( and Serena Campbell have the French aesthetic of 60s go-go girls but belt out tight vocal harmonies adding a unique element to its mod sound.

The Visibles

Through the San Francisco fog, across the Golden Gate, and through a rainbow tunnel, amid the land of redwood forests and nuclear-free zones, is a small, dark studio where The Visibles wrote and recorded their self-titled debut album. Over a year in the making, The Visibles presents layers upon layers of imagery piled up like a Dylan-esque acid trip (if Bobby wrote more songs about girls, anyway). Singer-songwriter Justin Goldman plays lyrical hide-and-seek as he offers painful autobiographical confessions one moment, then builds up a wall of opaque, and often complicated, metaphors the next. His remarkable singing voice, often drawing comparisons to Bowie and Lennon, stands out among the legions of anonymous, verb-drenched shoegazers that populate the current landscape. Along with Goldman, the group, comprised of Pascal Garneau, who produced the album as well as serving as guitarist in the band, Robert Jakubs (drummer), and Dashiell Worfolk (keyboards), are known in the local San Francisco scene for their compelling and dynamic live performance.

An Intimate Evening With The Bros Shaw

The ballad of an aging hipster: he hangs up his Gibson Les Paul after a dozen years of rehearsing, recording and playing live shows with his bands, Petrol and the Aktion. Then, a baby grand piano comes his way and he begins to play every day. The result? An achingly melodic collection of piano-driven songs inspired by love, loss and dysfunction. Today, Michael Shaw is no longer karate kicking his way across stages. Anchored to a piano bench, singing his heart out, and embracing '70's style ballads, he has toned it down to convey a new level of intimacy. If we must make comparisons, the sound is one part Badfinger, one part Macca and two parts Jeff Lynne. Michael is also currently working on a 5 song ep, entitled Lemon, due out by the end of the year.

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