"The first time I heard our very first record right off the mixing board I thought it was the best thing to ever happen to the planet. Boy did I have a lot to learn." If you have ever met BART CROW then you would find these words to be a perfect reflection of his very humble sense of humor. In fact, it is hard to decide which side of BART CROW is the most entertaining, his music side or his self deprecating comedic side, which garners as much belly laughs as his music garners rave reviews and major radio airplay. Born and raised along the outreaches of Dallas in Maypearl, Texas, Crow grew up like millions of us...passionately in love with music. And also like million of us Crow bounced around his adolescent world like a racket ball, quick and rough and in many different directions. FINALLY (pun intended) after graduating high school, his "inner parent" stepped up, sent his "inner child" to a time-out, and enlisted him in the US Army for a three-year active duty tour. In a situation very similar to the late/great Johnny Cash, Crow found himself with a lot of down time during his peace time military stay, which led him to hours of self taught guitar lessons and pages of a newly written music journal. It's tough to say whether it was the high a songwriter gets when the music starts to come, or "being in a 63 ton armored vehicle that only God could stop" that gave him the courage it would take to launch his music career. But in 2005 he did exactly that with his debut record release FINALLY, which made a profound impression on the industry, generating a firm expectation that the BART CROW BAND is destined to be one of the greats in Texas music.

Selling thousands of copies, taking rank as the best selling record on LonestarMusic.com for 5 straight months and recently nominated for Album of the Year at the My Texas Music Awards, FINALLY has laid a long steady road towards stardom and it was "Wear My Ring" that put BCB on the map. The single rested in the Texas Music Chart's Top 15 for over 20 straight weeks and is still known today in current rotation as "the song that just won't go away." The record's enormous success has given way to their much anticipated sophomore release DESPERATE HEARTS on Smith Entertainment records, slated for release on March 4th. The title gives the impression of a ballad soaked anthology, but do not be fooled. This record gets down right country with songs like "Back Down," a pile driver of a tune that pushes hard against the green-eyed monster, and "Once A Day," an old school country regimen of daily heartbreak complete with pace the room rhythm and weary fiddle cries. The first single "Understand" is a drive down that famous Texas music highway with country plains on one side and rocky terrain on the other. "Sweet Imitations" is Crow's version of the "cheaters blues" that enters with a slow and silky confession and moves steadily into breaks of angsty repent. Coming full circle the title track is a rock song in country clothing, hot on the trail of loneliness mistaken for love.

The BART CROW BAND is a solid lineup of what Crow calls, "the band I have always wanted." On lead guitar is Paul Russell from Waxahachie, Drew Campbell on drums from San Marcos, Joseph Drew on bass from Canton and Hunter St. Marie also on lead guitar and slide from Galveston. The match up of these players led from one to another as naturally as it does when something far bigger is obviously in control of the wheel. Now on the verge of a brand new record release, the BART CROW BAND is LIVE and well! For tour date information, photos and the BCB diary updates check out www.bartcrowmusic.com.

DESPERATE HEARTS will be available on March 4th at national retailers everywhere Including Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Hastings. The record will also be available online at your favorite web and download sites.

William Clark Green

With honest and personal lyrics, William Clark Green's music lures-in and relates his audience to real-life inspiration. Growing up in small-town Flint, Texas, Will started writing at thirteen. After some practice and encouragement, Will opened for The Dragliners in College Station. However, being only fourteen at the time, he forgot almost all the lyrics to his diligently-rehearsed show. But, with free guitar lessons at his hometown church and local shows, Will became more confident and prepared for larger venues. As a freshman at Texas Tech, Green got the chance to play the Monday-night spot at Recovery Room, eventually working his way up to the headlining show on Thursday nights. Friend and fellow songwriter Josh Abbott helped Green get his foot in the door at Blue Light in Lubbock, Texas. After playing many acoustic shows, Green started a band and recorded his first CD, "Dangerous Man," that released September 18, 2008. Will continues to play shows frequently across Texas with his band



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