Howling Diablos

Johnny Evans - sax/harp
Johnny Bee - drums
MO Hollis - bass
Erik Gustafson - guitar
Tino Gross - vocals

The Howling Diablos rockin, funky, blues jam style is well known in Detroit, and everywhere they have toured, as a great live music experience. Since their formation in the 90’s they have toured with and opened for acts including George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic, Alice Cooper, Albert Collins, Ben Harper, Hank Williams Jr, NRBQ, Incubus and The James Gang as well as headlining their own shows.

Recordings include Beatnik Mambo(Teenage), Live(Top Dog) and Green Bottle(Overture). The Bass Brothers, now teamed with Eminem, produced the title track, “Green Bottle”, a local hit.

Good Rockin Tonight(Sire), an Ahmet Ertegun produced tribute to Sun Records, features the Diablos cut “Wine Spo Dee O Dee” with a guest appearance from Kid Rock. This record also spawned a film for the PBS series, “American Masters”, featuring a performance by the band.

The Diablos appeared on Fat Possum releases by Nathaniel Mayer and RL Burnside that were produced by Tino Gross.

The Royal Blackbirds

Founded in 2008 by the help of Ray Charles impersonator, Tyrone Hamilton, the Royal Blackbirds (formally Hair of the Dog) are a working blues rock band from Eastside Detroit. However, with the term "blues rock group," images come to mind of old codgers in hole in the wall taverns playing for tips and nostalgia. Fortunate for their viewers, the median age of this band is 20, and instead of recycling the classics for the millionth time, the Royal Blackbirds refurbish the bluesy lowdown sound the Detroiter work ethic embodies with tube amps, hollow bodies, thunderous drums and blistering bass. So if you want background noise, hire someone else. If you want a band to keep the audience bopping heads and shaking down, the Royal Blackbirds fit the ticket.

Rebecca Saad, vocalist and lead guitarist has been playing in bars since she was 13. Currently a music major at Macomb Community College, Rebecca, 22, took after guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan, in which she spent a whole year, 6 hours a day, deciphering the blues master's technique. His style is her musical cornerstone. Built off of this, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy page added a songwriting perspective and creative zing to Rebecca most prevalent in her playing. From bow solos to Mach 1 rundowns, Rebecca is a prominent front woman any sane man would fear.

Nettie, drummer, 22, is Rebecca's rhythmic twin. Jamming together since they were 15, when Nettie wasn't being Rebecca's roadie, she was practicing the drums and is completely self taught. Over the years, these two sat as a ticking time bomb waiting for the time and place to play music for a living.

In 2008, this opportunity was granted, and both played with Tyrone Hamilton for the city of Westland. But Tyrone had a surprise riding with him to the gig. This surprise was Dennis Burck, a classically trained bassist at the Berkley Music Center. Dennis, 19, took lessons with Bettye Lavette's bassist, Chuck Bartels, for 7 years until he too went to play his first gig in Westland.

Once the three played for the first time, each knew this band was thee band. Four years later, the Royal Blackbirds are grinding higher and higher up the musical totem headlining local bars and clubs. So quit reading, give us a listen, and support a local band.

Tickets available at Door ... Doors Open @ 6:30pm ...

Tickets Available at the Door

Detroit's own "Funky Daddy" (TINO) brings his wild pack of HOWLING DIABLOS (Bee, Eric, Mo, and Johnny) alway turn-out the mother of all "Dee-troit House Parties."

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