An Intimate Evening With Michael Shaw

The ballad of an aging hipster: he hangs up his Gibson Les Paul after a dozen years of rehearsing, recording and playing live shows with his bands, Petrol and the Aktion. Then, a baby grand piano comes his way and he begins to play every day. The result? An achingly melodic collection of piano-driven songs inspired by love, loss and dysfunction. Today, Michael Shaw is no longer karate kicking his way across stages. Anchored to a piano bench, singing his heart out, and embracing '70's style ballads, he has toned it down to convey a new level of intimacy. If we must make comparisons, the sound is one part Badfinger, one part Macca and two parts Jeff Lynne. Michael is also currently working on a 5 song ep, entitled Lemon, due out by the end of the year.

Brad Brooks

"Brooks is the archetypal 21st century pop maverick, beavering away with limited funds and a modest audience, but with plenty of time on his hands to get things just right. He borrows liberally from the past - think Beatles, Left Banke, Brian Wilson and some of Queen's pomp and splendour - and completes the mix with modern influences like Rufus Wainwright and Thom Yorke at his most melodic. Needless to say, it hardly seems rocket science fusing the styles of some of the most talented and popular artists of the last 40 years, but that doesn't quite explain why it sounds so damn good, and that so few other people seem to be doing it with quite the same zeal and, dare I say, panache." --Leicester Bangs

The Everlovin'

The Everlovin' were formed in 2007 to provide a soundtrack for the documentary, 'The Gardens of Los Angeles.' The documentary was abandoned, but the members enjoyed the music they were creating and decided to keep playing. Ever since, the band has been writing songs and performing in the bay area with a vengeance. The Everlovin' has recently recorded some songs in the studio which are now posted. Stay tuned ya'll, The Everlovin' promise to share their sweet harmonies and twang with you soon!

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