M. Lockwood Porter

Although M. Lockwood Porter grew up on a 30-acre farm in northeastern Oklahoma, he didn’t feel the pull of country and folk music until he left home to attend college at Yale University. Homesick and band-less, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist and veteran of the Tulsa punk and hardcore scenes found comfort and inspiration in artists like Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Gram Parsons, and Townes Van Zandt – whose records not only served as reminders of home, but also as makeshift instruction manuals on songwriting. While his college classmates spent their spare time at the library, bar, or frat house, Porter could usually be found in his dorm room, studying records and writing songs.

After relocating to Oakland, California, Porter spent much of his early twenties playing a backing role in other bands while continuing to write. In the spring of 2011, he first began recording his own songs with the help of bandmate and audio engineer Peter Labberton. What began as an off-the-cuff recording session evolved into a two-year process resulting in the creation of a 12-song album, Judah’s Gone.

Recorded on a shoestring budget in basements, garages, and living rooms, with Porter producing and playing nearly every instrument, Judah’s Gone is a testament to the mature, authentic voice of a promising young artist. The 12 songs on Judah’s Gone synthesize a variety of country, folk, and rock influences while maintaining a coherent vision – one that balances a sometimes-playful optimism with an overarching melancholy. As Porter sings about topics as diverse as the Trojan War (“Menelaus”) or the death of an ex-bandmate (“Stephen”) his voice remains consistent – matter-of-fact, clear-eyed, and poetic, with traces of humor and wistfulness.

M. Lockwood Porter plans to self-release Judah’s Gone in late spring 2013, and tour for the remainder of the year. Check mlockwoodporter.com in the coming months for updates.

Learning Team

Buried beneath the complex instrumentation of this Pacific Northwest five-piece's music is simplicity; straightforward Pop songs unabashedly from the heart, born of the overcast skies and midnight house shows of Bellingham, Washington.

Learning Team's sudden success has a little to do with the band's sound...What Learning Team has going for it, though, is an absence of pretense. The band succeeds on the basis of the songwriting, much of which drops back in influence to the glory days of pristine indie pop like Death Cab for Cutie." - Weekly Volcano

"Sweaty; Complex; Supple," these are just a few words used to define the Bay Area trio, Frozen Folk. Eluding conventional definition, this band digs rusty hooks of thrashing energy into the frothing mouths of innocent bystanders, and reels them in with the lilt of bizarre lyrics and melody.

Singer/songwriter Owen Kelley unites influences like Jesus Lizard, Pixies, The Urinals, Eric Dolphy and Thelonious Monk. Patrick Friedman, drummer since the age of 12, and Tim Platz, bassist and jack of all trades musician since the age of 6, lay a brick-wall-backbeat that drives the complex and sonorous machinery of Owen's chickin’ pickin' style guitar work. Frozen Folk has thus been described as an intersection of driving punk rooted rock, with layers of harmonic and structural complexity that perk the ears of an audience beyond those of a punk affinity.

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