Blood and Roses 'Vampire Ball' - The Vampire Wedding

Juju Bat

Juju Bat is an alternative model, DJ, performer, singer, nightlife personality and multi-talent artist. Most of his year revolves around music, art, fashion and entertainment. He has been published and featured in magazines, and he occasionally DJ's at events/parties.

Cirque du Kinque

Cirque Du Kinque is the regions's premiere costumed event, CDK hosts extravagent parties in Denver, Vegas and Black Rock City. Our events are renowned for their elegance and class, as well as pushing the boundaries on fetish and kink, our events are held on a monthly basis and the theme changes with each event.

Dolls of Insanity

Dolls of Insanity is a Burlesque Troupe located in Colorado Springs, CO. Our troupe is unique from others because not only do we have solo performances for our dancers, we also work together as a troupe to put on group burlesque performances of two or more ladies working the art of tease. The Dolls focus on the classic burlesque art of tease, we fully believe in the original path of burlesque and have acts that are very cabaret and vaudeville in style. Our music varies from all eras, you'll be sure to enjoy. Not only do we perform the art of tease, we like to incorporate other talents as well such as fire dancing, sword swallowing, tap, singing and much more!

Team CDK

CDK gogo is Cirque Du kinque's resident gogo team

$10 ADV / $40 VIP


Ticket sales will end at 8pm online then resume at the door beginning at 9pm
Blood and Roses Vampire ball -~ The Vampire Wedding ~~
The Karnstein Family cordially invites you to attend their annual blood and roses Vampire Ball to witness the wedding of the Countess Carmilla and Corinne Victoria.
Be dazzled by stunning performances and mesmerizing music.
Costume is required

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