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Sound creator / astral plane wanderer

Quantum Soul

Guy Chambers. Inspired by the sounds of the universe.

~ In the mecca of bass music, Denver Colorado, there is a passionate purveyor of all sounds deep, an ambassador of the dark and the beautiful ~
Jason Kidd, aka SHIBA, has been educating the masses since 2006 with his solid selection and flawless mixes of mindful dubstep/2step music. Reaching out to form relationships with producers from all over the world, he always has a crate of new dubs and unreleased tracks ready for the sub stacks. Ready yourself, as SHIBA's true weight emanates from the depths of bass music, filling your mind, body, and soul.

OVER 21: $5 Before 10 PM & $10 After 10 PM / UNDER 21: $10 All Night

Tickets Available at the Door

OVER 21 = $5 Before 10 PM / $10 After 10 PM
UNDER 21 = $10 All Night

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