Mole & The Level Antz

Adam, Mike, Chuck, and Erich were Mole and the Level Antz before it was called that. They went by several other names playing on and off for about a year. Erich and Mike growing up together being cousins have played together since they could hold instruments. Over the years, they added chuck and Adam. Now with Chucks brilliant lyrics and Adams shredding ability they went off to melt faces with their music. After breaking up of artistic differences, Mike would go off to join this new up and coming band Stop 7. Deciding to try something different. He meets Joshua Morgan on the bass for the first time and things just clicked. It turned out to just be a fling with stop 7 and they broke up. Mike then asked desperate Josh to come play bass for them and there lives the legend of the green machine in Mole. Newly reunited Mole, Chuck and Adam back in the picture the line up is finally complete with Mike, Adam, Chuck, Josh, and Erich. each bringing something new to the table. Mole and the Level Antz was finally decided on as the name to stick. It means nothing other than being a play on words. Malevolence being the real meaning behind it, split into 5 words yields Mold and the Level Antz.


Ire Clad

“Hey, let's play some heavy music”

This one line of chat between Jerrod and Harrison unexpectedly gave birth to a new musical project. Having both played guitar together in Patchwork Down years before, they were looking for an all heavy sound this time around. Jerrod knew Pete, a fellow metal fan, and in the spirit of good timing, a drummer. Harrison brought in Eric, the guitarist-turned-bassist with a burly vocal force that complemented Harrison’s lead vocals nicely. Things started with a couple of riffs and improvising, then gradually got tighter and more serious. Music started to take shape. And as this new thunder shook from the depths of Jerrod's basement it became clear that another space would be needed. Soon.

“Mennonite Metal Night”

Opting not to break up Jerrod's marriage, they moved into part of Harrison's barn - a perfect space apart from the laughably leaky roof. However, the Amish are damn fine roofers, and in true Amish fashion, had the rehearsal space watertight and sturdy enough to withstand our maximum decibel onslaught. We hereby name a music festival… or a show… or a song, in their honor. Or something. We just like that turn of phrase.

No longer troubled by rain indoors, the boys ramped up their song writing, and even started recording. Using an old mixing board, some decent microphones, and a little of Harrison's knob tweaking… err, mixing… they amassed an album's worth of songs in under a year. So, they threw them on the Interweb thingy for folks to feed to their ears, and now they’re ready for a world tour… in central New York.

“Iron Clad? Like the ship? No. Ireland? You play folk songs? No!
Irie Clad? You're reggae, mon? NO! ….. it's IRE CLAD !”

Like so many bands before, tons of ideas were tossed back and forth. Hundreds in fact. But we landed on Ire Clad. Imagine “wrapped in anger.” Sound pretty metal? We think so too.


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