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For fans of: Marlene Dietrich, Love, Nick Cave

"Chapel Hill’s New Town Drunks are musical vagabonds whose members have lived in New York, Texas, Mexico, Detroit and Puerto Rico prior to putting down roots in North Carolina. Many musical acts claim to defy categorization or classification but New Town Drunks are one of the few outfits that can truly claim that brass ring, having forced music journalists to coin monikers as diverse as nu-vaudeville, rock and roll cabaret and stream of consciousness folk rock to try to capture their rich, eclectic sound.
"It is difficult to do justice in print to how beautifully and elegantly New Town Drunks construct their songs. Both musically and lyrically, this is a band that knows how to build a song, displaying a level of both imagination and ambition almost unheard of from any corner of popular music. Fortunately, they also have the technical chops to pull off these ambitious compositions, routinely executing sudden changes in tempo and style that would destroy less talented outfits.

For fans of: Southern Culture on the Skids, The Cramps and The B-52s.

It's been over a decade since The Malamondos first frantic, furious psycho-a-go-go notes were heard. And over the course of that decade, they’ve honed their attack to switchblade sharpness through scores of sweat-drenched shows and speaker-mangling recordings.

The Malamondos (Hunny Goodnight: vocals, Van Serpico: guitar, Dr. ReX Diablo: bass, Max Diablo: drums) have forged their sound from a melting pot of noise and bad influences – everything from Wanda Jackson, The Cramps, and Link Wray to Russ Meyer and Herschell Gordon Lewis. A naughty good-time brew of garage rock, surf and punk with a dash of rockabilly mash together into a unique, provocative, intoxicating growl.

After years of playing from the diviest of bars to opening for bands such as Southern Culture on the Skids, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Reverend Horton Heat, The Malamondos show no signs of slowing down their swaggering, sweaty, crowd-igniting brand of rock 'n' roll.

Think of the outcome if The Cramps got in a fight with Man or Astroman? and The Rolling Stones jumped in and knifed 'em all. Yes friends, it's that fun and unexpected. - Chris Bennett MishMashMagazine

“...the soundtrack for an episode of Scooby-Doo made for mature audiences - Swamp Thing songs for trailer-park surfin’ on a moonless night. Proof that in the wild, just-naughty-enough world of The Malamondos, there is no such thing as having too much fun.” - Ed Bumgardner Relish

“...like going in to a porn shop in Europe at 2:30 in the morning! It's erotic and scary all at the same time...” - TJ the DJ 88.7 WFOS

Michael Rank (solo)

Straddling the tailgate of Keith Richards and Gram Parsons. With an injection of Steve Earle and Chris Knight in the line. The 2012 Valentine’s Day debut “Kin” and 2013's Valentine's release "In the Weeds" from Michael Rank and Stag were given a kind reception:
“Kin’s locked up a slot on my No Depression Best of 2012 list...Highly Recommended”, No Depression
“On what is a set of wonderfully ramshackle country leaning rock songs...wonderful stuff. To his and the musicians’ credit they deliver in spades with what is one of the most invigorating albums we’ve heard this year”, Blabber ‘n Smoke
“With more vital body fluids spilling from these grooves than Shoot Out The Lights and Blood On TheTracks combined, the new solo album from Snatches of PinK frontman Michael Rank makes for an exhausting ride. As classic breakup albums go, Kin is more than just effective - it’s utterly inspiring”, Blurt Magazine
“Some people epitomise rock and roll...Rank is such a person. His rock and roll attitude permeates every part of these recordings. it is the epitome of what Americana meant fifteen years ago.”, Americana UK
“If there’s a secret to making timeless roots rock records then Michael Rank has discovered the formula.”, Beat Surrender
“This is an album full of bloody fingernails, regurgitated poison pills, and swallowed tears, and yet you can’t turn it off or even look away.” Americana Music Show
"A sort of damaged-goods manifest on a wanted poster", Yes Weekly
“The songs bleed with bitterness over the end of a relationship, again the stuff of great country rock. Rank has a great feel for the swagger and grease of the best rock’n’roll and it’s all here.”, When You Motor Away
“Musically and lyrically raw. And real. And intense. And cathartic. And Beautiful.”, Graypunk
“Kin is Rak’s ‘ Wild Horses’ “, Hopscotch Festival Preview
"Rank is a rock-n-roll survivor who has created two stellar discs in the past year demonstrating himself to be talented songwriter truly hitting his stride. Highly recommended", NoDepression
"The harrowing break-up album typically precedes the record of bloodshot Sunday-morning blues, but leave it to Michael Rank to fuck up a formula", Independent Weekly.
Enter October 2013's "Mermaids". Michael Rank is once again accompliced by some of North Carolina’s finest Country, Bluegrass and Americana players in the fold.

Wood Ear, the songwriting vehicle of Nate Tarr, has been somewhat misunderstood. Since its beginnings in 2001 as his exploration of the more independent songwriting process of acoustic folk and country than the collective punk and indie outfits he was playing in (Uwharria, The Killing Frost, The Dirty Version), it has morphed into something more energetic, textured, and forceful that defies its natal alt-country reputation. Of no help were the five years of intermittent activity and songwriting between the first and second releases owed to band members’ involvement with grad school, babies, cancer, and other bands. The self-released 2007 Ep, The Hard Way, was recorded in 2006; initially an effort to document his songs prompted in part by acquiring some analog tapes that a friend literally found in the trash. The songs, which bemoan grinding employment and a coming of age and place, are at first listen straightforward alt-country ala Uncle Tupelo, but also favor the drawl of J. Mascis and Westerberg's abandon. After a couple of solo shows, Tarr enlisted Nathan Golub (John Howie Jr., Fontana, Katherine Whalen), Frank Andolina (Fontana) and Nic Brown (Longwave, Ben Lee, Skeleton Key, Athenaeum), and wife Krystal Black to play live. In contrast to the tone of The Hard Way, their live shows consistently surprised audiences with songs projected to bar band volume and delivery. In 2009, Rob Koegler (Noncanon, Secular Joy) replaced Brown on drums and the band completed Steeple Vultures, releasing it on Churchkey Records in 2012. Steeple Vultures’ songs cover diverse territory, from the loathsome country ballad Silver Lining to the garage-esque Leave My Walls, while winding through fuzzy, atmospheric indie landscapes along the way. Collectively, they are a bleak declaration of loss and futility centered around nature, like an indie elaboration on Marvin Gaye’s The Ecology. Steeple Vultures was well received, and along with a blistering set at the 2012 Hopscotch Music Festival put the band on the local radar and Shuffle Magazine’s list of 12 NC bands to watch. The year following the release of Steeple Vultures has been a typical one for Wood Ear with lineup changes, babies, health problems, sparse shows, and slow progress on a third Ep due out in early 2014, which promises to be their most palatable yet, albeit an even farther departure from The Hard Way and its alt-country brand. But despite all the uncertainty and transformation, the versatility of Tarr’s songs ensures that any incarnation of Wood Ear is one worth witnessing.




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