The Experimental Tropic Blues Band

The Experimental Tropic Blues Band

After 10 years of concerts everywhere in Europe, that's in New York City that The Experimental Tropic Blues Band recorded their new album last March... with Jon Spencer (JSBX, Heavy Trash, Boss Hogg, Pussy Galore) as producer!
Great rock & roll act from Belgium, The Experimental Tropic Blues Band are definitly part of the worldwide r&r family...
Although their new record won’t be published before autumn 2011, the band will make it's first American north tour (among which 2 dates to the famous Beale Street Music Festival to Memphis) in May...check them out now!
Since that release, the band has played in every corner of Europe and has had some troubles with justice for being too expressive on stage... These many experiences have left their marks on the already strong personality of our three stage animals.
Two years after, the diabolical trio is back with a new record: Captain Boogie!
This record is undoubtedly nastier and harder, but also more personal and accomplished than the previous one, and the band has kept its willingness to throw itself body and soul into music... It's 2010 now and the band is working on a new album!!! They should go to the recording studio in a month or two!!

The Missing Chums

The Missing Chums are Matthew Peabody and Mike Kegler. While they had played in bands and orchestras together from an early age, it wasn't until after college that they got serious about making music. In their first practice, without a word, they played "OK Computer" from start to finish. The rest is history.

The Hurtin Kind

The Hurtin Kind is a Chicago based roots/pop band, playing in and around Chicago

Matt Rhodes guitar/vox
Hugo Turiel guitar/ vox
Tim O' Donnell Bass
Mike Whalen Drums/ Vox

Sam Nicolosi

Sam Nicolosi (born March 2, 1995) first picked up a guitar at the age of ten. As Nicolosi developed and honed his skill as a guitarist, he quickly realized his interest in music was more than just a hobby.

Sam has written hundreds of songs and has spent the last year recording and performing at many venues in the Chicago area.



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