PARALLELS is a synth-pop trio from Toronto Canada consisting of honey-haired front-woman Holly Dodson, drummer Nick Dodson and synthesist Artem Galperine. Their second full-length album, XII was released independently by Parallels label Marigold Productions and reached #5 on Earshot's National Electronic Charts in Canada. The album is a collection of sparkling pop and moonlit radiance that manifested during late night's of creative passion in Parallels home studio, Marigold studios in Toronto. Parallels has toured extensively since their inception in 2008, inspiring dance parties using a collection of vintage synthesizers and HI-NRG rhythms from Moscow to Miami, Toronto to El Paso, San Francisco to New York.

The Skyline Industry

The Skyline Industry is the collective trio of Alex Shaffer, Andrew Fagan, and John Merigliano. Utilizing a combination of piano, synthesizers, bass, drums, guitar, and electronic samples, The Skyline Industry crafts smartly written songs, cerebral soundscapes, and dense musical textures. The live show includes music from their recent release “In the Language of a Spy”, as well as new and unrecorded material. Fans of alternative rock and electronic music will enjoy the dark, saturated sound that the group creates.



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