The Bobs "A Cappella Vocal Group"

The Bobs "A Cappella Vocal Group"

The Bobs Are:

Matthew Bob Stull
Richard Bob Greene
Dan Bob Schumacher
Angie Bob Doctor

Former Bobs Include:

Gunnar Bob Madsen
Amy Bob Engelhardt

A band without instruments?! The Bobs (prat)fall outside a cappella traditions, landing in a hot tub of humor and vocal prowess. What other band can headline The American Songbook series, open for Frank Zappa and The Dead, and perform for 700 million people on the Emmy Awards?

Wait, I’ve heard of you guys! Matthew Stull and Gunnar Madsen founded The Bobs in 1981 in Berkeley, California, and were quickly joined by bass singer Richard Greene and über-alto Janie Scott. They performed in the San Francisco area until a 1984 Grammy nomination for their unique vocal cover of the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” catapulted them into a national and international tour schedule.

Bobs past and present… 1989 saw Gunnar’s departure and Joe Finetti’s arrival. Joe refined and improved The Bobs’ vocal percussion sound, creating a virtual a cappella standard. In 1995 Janie left and Lori Rivera joined the group until 1998, when Amy Engelhardt became the official femme Bob. 2003 brought Joe’s replacement Dan Schumacher, alum of other cool vocal groups Monkey Puzzle and Kickshaw with Blake Lewis. The new, solid vocal quartet’s next recording would be Get Your Monkey Off My Dog, which includes guest appearances by alums Bobs Gunnar and Lori.

The circle, she is complete. The Bobs have already left an indelible mark (or is that mustard?) on modern vocal music, but as the prevailing trailblazers of contemporary a cappella music, the Bobs continue to add to their musical palette.



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