Hip-Hop Tuesdays!

Hip-Hop Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday Mojo will be featuring the region's best Hip-Hop performers and DJs. Every week will be presented by a different promoter. Food and drink specials all night!

Cypher Clique

Delaware is not really known for much, but well...tax free shopping, and beach life. The music scene isn't much to check for also. This hip-hop trio hopes to change that soon. Cypher Clique, consisting of three MC's known as Relay (22), Mic Anthony(21), & Rapper/Producer D-Major(20). They first met collectively in 2007 just making music as a hobby in high school, but as time progressed, so did their skills, and were strongly advised by peers to take it to the next level. In 2009 they dropped their official debut mixtape "The Mattress" hosted by DJ Stupac. The mixtape was featured on a couple big blogs such as Ddotomen.com & iamashelyoutrageous.com with a warm reception. A year later, they released another project entitled "June 23rd", and also began doing shows in the tri-state area, but the road was a rocky one. Finally in feb of 2011, their 1st taste of the main stage came about when they were picked among 30 acts to open up for Mac Miller's "Incredibly Dope Tour" stop in PA. Since then the trio has been on countless websties such as hotnewhiphop & digitaldripped.com, released a top 8 mixtape in 2011 called "The Show" and have opened up for many other acts such as Meek Mill, Tayyib Ali, Roscoe Dash, Wale, Waxx, Diggy Simmons, New Boyz, A$AP Rocky & Action Bronson. With a new project called "The Thirst Tape" dropping this fall, the future is bright for this young trio as they grind their way to the top!

Ban Boyz

Ban Boyz consist of three members brothers Dee lover, Taye Swag and cousin Woody Workin.Ban Boyz are a DMV based group coming from S.E. D.C with music full of passion and energy that their audiences tend to really feed off of. The group is currently working on their first highly anticipated project "Legends In the Making" Mixtape coming soon..singles off of the tape include Martin Payne and "Pearlin".

Johnny Taylor III

Professional Grad Student/Artist. Fashion. Entertainment. Music. This project is a reflection of my aspirations and provides a glimpse of my personality & thought process. My ultimate goal is to pursue a career in being the best I can be, whether it be through saving lives surgically or musically...and have a little fun along the way. Become apart of the THOROGOOD movement and download the highly anticipated 20 track story, Pro Tools & Medical School.

Coming from a small town of Irvington New Jersey, neighboring Newark, the emcee/songwriter/engineer/producer's musical efforts are nothing from small. Years of being self taught Ess Vee found himself mixing and mastering his own material. In the midst of working on "The Veelude" Ess Vee was involved in a near life ending car accident which postponed his career briefly. During his time off, Ess Vee would label himself a "1Lifer". He uses the term "1Lifer" to describe what it means to live by any means necessary in a positive light and to keep good vibes around at all times.

Civilizations begin and crumble because of it. Wars are fought for the necessity of it. Lives are lost, love is found. All these are products of one of the simplest concepts yet ultimately needed aspects of life: Revolution. More closely, the music industry itself is in the process of a revolution. Lyrics, sounds, and messages are evolving, and in the artists' favor. With more and more artists baring their souls in a way that the industry isn't used to, the time is ripe for an artist like Ian Grey to emerge…
…or shall we say…re-emerge.
Last year, under the moniker "Imagine", Ian Grey released his first mixtape entitled Strangers to rave reviews from fans and the internet alike. Ian calls it his introduction to the world and way for "strangers" to get acquainted with his sound. Influenced by Coldplay, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, and Kanye West, Ian set out to give his serving of R&B with a twist of indie, pop, hip-hop, and alternative styles.
But as time has told, and our world has shone, Ian couldn't stay in the same place. Ever growing and maturing, he began his own musical revolution and embarked on his newest release, The Re-evolution. A new collection of what Ian calls "cinematic" music, this project is more personal, more political, and more intense than his former project. Songs like "Time For Work" detail the struggles of any gifted individual fighting against the expected 9-5 grind, while "Fire-starters" is one of his most sensual offerings where he tells his love that not even water can put out their flames. But on the opposite side of love, Ian talks about the hardships that most relationships go through in the lead single, "Paranoid", telling his girl that trust is necessary now before it's too late.
In the sense of re-evolving, Ian has revisited his past successes as a new independent artist, learning from his triumphs as well as mistakes in order to grow musically and become more prevalent in today's indie artist landscape. With more shows to come, the release of The Re-evolution is sure to make it's undeniable mark with not only his listeners, but with all seekers of change, evolution, and love.

A Young Man Who Left His Country(Nigeria) For The United States With Literally A Dollar and Also A Dream Of Becoming Someone Important, Someone People Can Look Up To, An Entertainer, Entrepreneur, and so on. Basically Becoming A Role Model And An Artist.
So Follow Me On My Journey As I Make My Dream A Reality. Who's With Me?



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