Nasty Habit

Once upon a time, Rock ruled the world. Check any station on the nascent FM radio dial, and coursing through your speakers, loud, proud and strong, poured the chord crunching backbeat of pure Rock-n-Roll. Then, a bunch of A&R guys in cheap suits decided to start labeling things. It wasn’t good enough to be a rock-n-roll band, you had to fit a niche; punk, metal, glam, rockabilly. The list went on. And the longer they made the list, the more separated then fans became, and Rock splintered and starved. Cruise through the radio dial over the last ten years, and it’s been all dance-pop, wannabe-thug, and “country” music that makes guys like Jonny Cash and Hank Williams spin in their graves. But Rock survived by going back to its roots. Tucked away in garages and biker bars, Rock was reclaimed by the rebels and independents. A new generation discovered they had something to say, and they didn’t need to use the word “hoe” to say it. Now, a new era is upon us, one where Rock-n-Roll once again stands loud and proud and ready to party on – Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you Rock n' Roll's new kings!

In a world dominated for too long by prepubescent pop stars and auto-tuned wannabe's, they've been called many things, but are most fond of Nasty Habit. In 2008, having mastered every trick in Eddie Van Halen’s book by the tender age of 16, Kenny Ende started a band called “Grime” with his younger brother Tommy. But what looked like a group of high school trouble makers terrorizing the streets on their skateboards held the seeds of something great. With Kenny on guitar and Tommy on drums, the boys sensed they were on to something big, but it wasn’t quite right… yet. A series of line-up changes and personnel shifts brought them closer and closer to perfecting their group of scoundrels. The most notable change happened early on, when their lead singer left the band. This loss gave Tommy the chance to step up and stretch his vocal chords. This was a pivotal moment for the band’s sound and style. Since then Tommy’s grown to be a true front man as the voice and face of the band. With the evolution nearly complete, the boys decided a new name was in order and the band we know and love, Nasty Habit, was born With the seat at the drum kit open, they called upon fellow skater David Jordan, the most deviant drummer in all of the land. It only took one rough jam of Guns N' Roses "Nightrain" for the boys to decide DJ was just the beast they'd been looking for. With style and motivation, DJ became the back bone, driving Nasty Habit to new levels. His thunderous rhythms keep the crowd moving, and his charisma is perfectly paired to the band's tongue-in-cheek, party attitude. At this point, things were starting to gel, and when the boys weren’t skating, they were practicing. With chops more solid than bands twice their age (none of the boys are old enough to order a beer in any of the clubs they play), Nasty Habit stood poised to take upstate New York by storm. Kenny ripped through screaming solos and popped strings while Tommy’s vocals snarled over DJ’s pounding beat. Realizing what they had, the brothers decided to take the next step toward Rock-n-Roll domination.

No longer contented to play the music of other great bands, Kenny and Tommy tried their hands at song writing, creating much of the band’s groundbreaking first album. Jagger and Richards have nothing on these boys. The hooks and riffs of songs like “Heart Breakin’ Hip Shakin’ Fox” and “Saturday Night” show the combination of natural talent and hard work that drives their success. As work on their self-titled first album progressed, the band parted ways with their original bass player, drafting Frank Wheeler to fill the slot. Coming from a long line of bassists with flawless hair, Wheeler’s loud mouth and rock hard grooves complete the rhythm section of “World's Rudest Band”, Nasty Habit. Wheeler’s tender young age may make him the “junior” member of the band, but his stage presence and menacing glower seem to dare anyone to call him on it. Their debut album hit the streets in March of 2012, backed by a series of videos that should be in rotation on MTV – if Music TeleVision still had any music on it, that is. Low and behold, through the power of the internet and non-stop touring and self-promotion, Nasty Habit has roared onto the scene, and shown the world that Rock can still party. With a fan base that extends across the country and around the globe, Nasty Habit conquers every stage they take. Mommas, lock up your daughters, because the boys are ready to party! And there you have it – the new Kings, the new masters, the saviors of Rock: Nasty Habit.

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If you're tired of the same old cover bands, ZEN KURA
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