The Lonesome Heroes

The Lonesome Heroes

The Lonesome Heroes debut full length Daydream Western has been nominated by The Independent Music Awards for album of the year for 2011. Described by Austin NPR affiliate KUT 90.5 FM as: "Western Americana, a cross-pollination of rock, folk, and country with psych and indie pop – influences from their Texas and Brooklyn backgrounds. It's the soundscape that occurs when indie rock and country artfully cross paths." Inclusive in sound, the Lonesome Heroes are as comfortable in the West Texas desert as the sandy shores of California. Daydream Western represents a maturation of their sound into a highway revelry that crosses state lines and blurs genres seamlessly.

The core of the band consists of the shared songwriting and vision of Austin based couple Landry McMeans (vocals/dobro) and Rich Russell (vocals/guitar.) 27 states, four years of national touring, and two critically acclaimed EPs finally brought the Lonesome Heroes to the studio under the production guidance of Austin steel guitar legend, Gary Newcomb (Li'l Cap'n Travis, Richard Buckner, Stone River Boys, Bill Callahan.) Mastered by recent Grammy award winner Brian Lucey at Magic Garden (Black Keys, the Shins, Dr John) Daydream Western, will have an official national press and radio push in March after an action packed SXSW for the Heroes with 10 show in 6 days.

The Balcony Scene

On a warm fuzzy summer's day, Blake Trevino and James Goodnight got together and played guitar. It was good, but they couldn't keep time, so in September 2009 they put up an ad on Craigslist for a drummer. Tristan Garwood, being the creeper that he is quickly replied. When they were supposed to have their first practice Blake found out he had to go to Las Cruces till the next year because he couldn't pay for college in Albuquerque. Using Guitar Pro the band mates still learned songs and practiced here and there. Over Christmas break they really started practicing together every day. They booked their first show at the Launchpad which was a battle of the bands, but they needed a bassist. They asked Tristan's good friend Jordan Simon to stand in. The band had a photo shoot shortly thereafter and got booked for their actual first show at Warehouse 508. They played that show and it went amazing and they went on to win the battle of the bands and sell all 100 tickets they were given. Blake's brother then stood in as the bassist, and since then, in only a couple of short months, they are taking Albuquerque's music scene by storm.


What's Left

Founded in 2007, What's Left is literally just that: the remnants of the eclectic set of musical influences and individual playing styles introduced by the band's fluid lineup through the years. Led by original founding members Eric Toland (vocals / guitar) and Garth Long (drums), the band's current sound is forged over elements of aggressive, dynamic alt rock as reinforced by newer arrivals Pete Firth (lead guitar) and Brad Traweek (bass). Song arrangements often include anthemic choruses, intricate guitar parts supported by driving bass, and introspective vocals that deliver tales of skepticism and heartbreak. The band's live show captures the very best of its prolific seven years of songwriting.



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