Nicholas David

Nicholas David

Alternative Soul music from the heart - for the heart. Nicholas David Mrozinski is a vibrant, dynamic, and multi-talented singer/songwriter/pianist from Saint Paul, MN. For more than a decade, Nicholas has been making music that has been connecting with people, all around the world, on a deeply human level. Nicholas (Nicholas David) was most recently a finalist, and a fan favorite, as a member of Team CeeLo on NBC's Season 3 of The Voice.

Nicholas’ music is fully integrated, incorporating many schools of music and thought. His powerful voice, enriching lyrics, and liquid piano playing truly set him apart and are the reason Skope Magazine calls him “an authentic artist of this millennium.” His one-of-a-kind sound is passionate, captivating, intelligent, diverse, genuine, fresh, and he truly 'feels' it. It's no wonder why his thriving Twin Cities music scene affectionately refers to him as "the feelin".

Nicholas truly is one of a kind, and a must see. He gives himself over to the music. It's almost like he channels it from somewhere else. His hugely passionate fans often speak of his live shows as some sort of new church or spiritual alternative that they actually want to be a part of. And those words mean a lot from everyday folks who are not openly spiritual or the church going type.

With 5 studio albums, national radio play, amazing reviews, many great charity & collaborative efforts under his belt (all prior to his amazing run on The Voice) Nicholas is now back in the studio working on album number 6, stronger and more inspired than ever.

Nicholas' original music is available on iTunes under the name ‘Nicholas Mrozinski’, at, and in other fine stores.
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