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CANCERSLUG, a band Rue Morgue Magazine quoted as being “The rudest, crudest, most vile band in America!”. Fronted by underground legend, Alex Story, CANCERSLUG had many years touring and tearing up America before taking a few years hiatus. Recently, Alex was summoned by legendary ex-Misfits guitarist DOYLE to sing and co-write songs for Doyle's soon to be classic album aptly titled "Abominator". This included nationwide touring with rock god DANZIG. CANCERSLUG is also heavily promoted by Corpsegrinder, lead singer/creator of the highest selling death metal band in history “Cannibal Corpse”. Due to recent overwhelming demand from fans all over the world CANCERSLUG has just released a “hits” collection and is heading to the studio to record the first studio album of all new material since 2003 titled “Seasons of Sickness.

Painted In Blood

Painted In Blood was formed in 2010 when lead singer Adam Arcane and drummer Jason X recruited X's former bass player and a guitarist. The original lineup included Arcane on Rhythm guitar. After several lineup changes Kaptain Kaveman was recruited for rhythm, Danimal 3 on Bass and Eric Roberts was added as lead guitarist. Robert "Deer Killer" Duran joined this lineup as sound programmer. The band blends the styles of groove metal, punk, hard rock, and metalcore. Known for outlandish stage shows featuring massive fog, lasers, strobes,props, audience interaction, and pyrotechnics.

The Uncouth is one of those punk bands that do the standard punk rock quo exceptionally well. The fast strumming, three chords, 2 minute and 30 second songs are accompanied with the hell-raising lyrics most commonly associated with the punk bands of the 80’s. Their song "I Hate Your Mustache" just might
be what’s on every decent punk rocker’s mind. I leave it up to you to come and listen and decide for yourself, but I do warn you. That tingling that you feel in your pants isn’t foreplay. It’s The Uncouth getting ready to shove a little 1986 up your ass. -Courtesy of the boys at Recycled Rockstar



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