Deltron 3030 ft. Del The Funky Homosapien, Dan The Automator, & Kid Koala

Deltron 3030 ft. Del The Funky Homosapien, Dan The Automator, & Kid Koala

Deltron 3030 is composed of a trinity of alt-rap all-stars: Rapper Del The Funky
Homosapien, DJ Kid Koala and producer Dan "The Automator" Nakamura.
Individually, they stand at the top of their respective musical disciplines; together as
Deltron 3030, they warped space, bent time, transcended genre and blew minds with
Deltron 3030, an album that still stands today as one of the most important records in
the annals of underground hiphop.
Both timely and avant garde, Deltron 3030 accurately — if surrealistically — captured
the spirit of the cusp of the millennium, an era when a technology-driven stock market
bubble was on the verge of bursting, when the political world was entering an era of
unprecedented partisanship, when global inequality was beginning to skyrocket. Critics
dubbed it a masterpiece: "Exactly what you might expect from such a teaming: a wildly
imaginative, unabashedly geeky concept album," said "It's not only one of
the best albums in either of their catalogs, but one of the best to come out of the new
underground, period." Pitchfork called Nakamura the "poet laureate of creepy,
oppressive beats," describing the album as an "exciting" reimagining of "the future from
the bottom up" that reveals Del as a "surprisingly acute social critic."
Now, after keeping the world waiting 13 long years, they're on the verge of releasing the
long-awaited follow-up to their debut — an album titled Deltron 3030: Event II — and
the trio isn't shy about what they think it represents. "There isn't another record that's like
this — it's different from anything else I've done and anything else that's out there," says
Nakamura. "So I'm just going to say it: This is going to sound incredibly pompous, but to
me, this is the greatest rap record of all time."
Considering the talents that are involved, Nakamura should have every reason to be
Del The Funky Homosapien, founder of Oakland's seminal Hieroglyphics crew,
launched his career as part of his cousin Ice Cube's posse, da Lench Mob, and gained
recognition as a top-tier hiphop verbalist with his 1991 debut, I Wish My Brother George
Was Here, featuring the memorable tracks "Mistadobalina" and "Dr. Bombay." He would
release three more albums —1993's No Need for Alarm, 1998's Future Developments
and 2000's Both Sides of the Brain — before joining with Nakamura and Koala for
Deltron 3030.
Kid Koala, a native of Vancouver whose turntablism mixtape Scratchcratchratchatch,
recorded on cassette while a university student, brought him to the attention of superstar
British DJs Matt Black and Jonathan More, better known as Coldcut; the duo signed him
as the first North American artist on their new label Ninja Tune, launched as a haven for
the world's most exceptional DJ and EDM talent. A year into his signing, Koala met
Nakamura at the New York show of his first U.S. tour; the two hit it off immediately, and
— beginning with Deltron — Koala became one of The Automator's most frequent
Dan "The Automator" Nakamura, the architect of the sonic landscape within which Del
and Koala work their magic, first captivated the hiphop underground with Dr.
Octagonacologyst, his collaboration with Ultramagnetic MC's Kool Keith. He went on to
produce Cornershop's breakout album, When I Was Born for the 7th Time, and to team
up with fellow superproducer Prince Paul under the name Handsome Boy Modeling
School, before forming Deltron 3030 with Del and Koala.
Nakamura began to make plans for Event II shortly after the three principals reunited for
Gorillaz, the 2001 multiplatinum debut album of the "virtual band" conceived of by Blur
frontman Albarn and illustrator Jamie Hewlett, which Nakamura produced, with Koala
providing masterful scratchwork and Del lending his lyrical brilliance to its biggest hit,
"Clint Eastwood." Though initial tracks had been laid down by 2005, it would be another
eight years before the record would be finished to their mutual satisfaction. The album
will be released in September on Nakamura's Bulk Recordings label, and when it does, it
will open a new chapter in the Deltron 3030 legend — one that promises to be as
relevant and resonant now as the first was in the year 2000.
"This time, the album has a specific story," says Del. "The Deltron world has gone too far
with technology. Everything's destroyed, and you just see the remnants of our
technology. The streets are run by criminals, the police are outnumbered and
outgunned, and we're like pirates, running rogue, doing what we do to survive. That's the
scene of it. We're trying to be as literary as possible while dealing with a musical format.
I don't know if you could even categorize this as a hiphop album — it's more like a rock
opera, but using rap."
He notes that the words, music and narrative have been deliberately chosen to put
listeners into a specific emotional state. "This record took 13 years, and the whole time
fans are telling us we better come out with Deltron right now — quit teasing me," laughs
Del. "Well, this is beyond a regular album. Because I would say, me, Dan and Koala, we
aren't limited by what other rap groups do — we're musicians first. I studied music theory
for ten years. Dan and Koala been learning music since they were kids. We're bringing it
all together here, everything, and the fans, the critics, they all going to be surprised by
what we got. You'll see. When it comes out, if you got the money, you're going to wanna
go buy it."
Deltron 3030: Event II will be released by Bulk Recordings on October 1st

Kid Koala (DJ Set)

Kid Koala is a world-renowned scratch DJ who has made a name for himself both with his music and visual art. He has released four solo albums on Ninja Tune: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (2001), Some of My Best Friends Are DJs (2003), Your Mom’s Favorite DJ (2006) and 12 bit Blues (2012) as well as 2 graphic novels: Nufonia Must Fall (2003) and award-winning Space Cadet (2011). He has also been involved in collaborations such as Gorillaz, Deltron 3030, The Slew and toured with the likes of Radiohead, the Beastie Boys, Money Mark, John Medeski, A Tribe Called Quest, Mike Patton, Jack Johnson, DJ Shadow, and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band. He has contributed to scores for Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Looper, and has composed music for The National Film Board of Canada, the Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim. His unforgettable live shows range from silly touring turntable carnivals like Short Attention Span Theater (featuring turntable bingo) to quiet-time events like Music To Draw To.

Kitty Pryde

NYC via Florida bedroom rapper and ex-Claire's Boutique glitter-peddler Kitty Beckwith segues into the new year withThe Daisy Rage EP, songs that see her honing her cadence while offering another peek into the conflicted self-conscience of a young woman. She's growing up (now it's just Kitty), she moved to the Big City and she fell in love, and these timeless archetypes are discussed in a way that feels uncontrived and often unsure (but that's the charm). Also, her double-time is fierce. Boasting her new-found fierce double-time, instrumentals from her recent beau Hot Sugar, Greedhead affiliate Mike Finito, and more, as well as the arguably best verse of Das Racist-affiliateLakutis' career, the EP drops for free on January 29th.
An unforeseen breakout artist of 2012, Kitty's lo-fi, self-aware The Lizzy McGuire Experience, anchored by social network-ode "OK Cupid", was celebrated early on by the The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and The FADER. The 19 year-old Daytona resident unexpectedly found her name abuzz on the lips of some of the hip-hop world's most revered cognoscenti, as critics debated the her earnest approach to rap and the direction of music in general. The follow up, Haha, I'm Sorry, was another fragile iteration, offered more deliberately this time - standout collaboration from walking-blog-post Riff Raff on the track "Orion's Belt" turned yet more ears on Kitty, a person for whom the line between hobbyist and artist was rapidly blurring both for she and her audience.
Kitty's music is rap projected through a lens as legitimate as any other - she speaks to and on behalf of young people about love, lust, angst and underage drinking- the people to whom music is often the most poignant. With her internet-enhanced accessibility comes a requisite vulnerability, a widely relatable feeling that's generally absent in rap music. Her ability to embrace that trait instead of posturing among the unremarkable masses of aspiring rappers is what makes her special, a #rare unicorn traipsing across the rainbows of the blogosphere. Or something like that.

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