Crews Car Show

Crews Car Show

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$21 for 4 wheelers | $16 for 2 wheelers
Harking back to the days of the Yaohan car shows in the 80's, we would like to bring back the carshow vibe of yesteryear. We want to have the car folks start to know their peers and make the Chicagoland car community bigger and nicer ^_^

We want you to be a part of the very first peer judged carshow! Thats right, Its a carshow judged by the very same people that are in the carshow. Each crew will have the chance to judge the rest of the other cars in the carshow (except for theirs of course) for points towards their own crew's cars so the more cars they judge the more bonus points they have to add to their individual cars scores that have been judged by the other car crews! Of course we will have our own judges and folks that will be tallying up everybody's scores. Judging each others cars allows people from different car crews to meet other car aficionados who have the same passion as they do in fixing up cars.

$16.00 - $21.00


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