Lee Burridge

Matthew Dekay

$30.00 - $35.00


A few summers past Lee Burridge began to weave a unnamed sound together from disparate genres of electronic music. Inspired by these wonderful musical compositions All day I dream was born. A musical story told through a style of playing, long forgotten by many. Never heard by most. All day I dream encouraged the "Dreamer" to join a new, and, very musical concept. This new sound no longer relied on relentless energy but, instead, on a feeling. Instead, it offered delicate melodies and a charm that warmed each and every gentle heart and smiling face under Brooklyn's blue skies. Sultry and seductive basslines made you tingle and wouldn't allow you stop dancing until the sun had long since set and the last track had drifted away. The name has a certain feminine beauty to it, doesn't it? Melancholic and ethereal in feeling, it reminds me of all the pretty girls I've seen at each event, dreaming their day away. Eyes closed. Smiles beaming across their faces.

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