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100% All Natural Juice. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Former comrades in musical battle, Phil and Nick, decided to join forces once more to show the world a higher amount of musical freedom and expression. Phil then recruited an old friend Justin to play bass, and then The Juice happened. With only 3 weeks to work with until their first show, The Juice buckled down and cranked out new, original material. The product was a melding of Phil's lyrics and guitar melodies and solos which he says play through his head spontaneously, with Justin's groovy, funky, slapping bass lines, and Nick's loud, in-your-face drumming style. With no restraints on their genre of music, The Juice offers up simplistic driving rock n' roll one minute, and then busts out with some more ornate, oldschool type heavy metal, and then turns around and shoots you in the face with some funk. Dig it.

The Juice looks good.
The Juice feels good.
The Juice sounds good.
The Juice tastes good.
The Juice even smells good!


Riff oriented rock n roll brought upon by thunderous drums, melodic bass, soaring guitars, and siren-esque vocals


SHOKKER was formed in early 2011. Sick of the dull monotonous life of suburbia, the only thing we wanted to do was play some hard-hitting rock n roll reminiscent of the sleazy glam metal era of the 80’s and early 90’s with a mix classic and modern rock n roll thrown in for a nice musical blend of influences. With guitar wizard Casey Tremont on lead guitar, Jorey on bass, and Benny on drums, all we needed was a singer. We found beautiful ball of fire known as Rachel Mendes to become the last piece of the SHOKKER puzzle.

With a blend of strong covers mixed with orig material, we have successfully played a string of shows and have opened for a national act twice. With our large inventory of hard rock covers and orig material, we could play a cover or orig show.

So come on out to see us and prepare to get shokked!!!!!!!!

We are currently in the process of learning a shit ton of covers and writing a shit ton of songs...Look for a show near you in the Chicagoland Area, as we are playing almost every weekend...


Fusing the past with the present to create the future. And give music what it has been lacking for a while, a show.



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