Bluegrass Slow Jam - 9/8

Traditional Bluegrass & Country Slow Jam

This jam is open to anyone that wants experience playing and singing Bluegrass standard songs at a moderately slow tempo in a supportive, educational, fun jam setting. Depending on how many players we have, the jam may break into a group for people that are complete beginners, and a group for people that want to play at faster tempos. Players of all skill-levels and ages are welcome, and we are making a special effort to find kids that want to play music with other kids.

*Prerequisites: you should be able to play basic chords on your acoustic instrument smoothly, at 60-100 quarter note beats per minute. Be ready to have some fun and laugh a lot. Players are welcome to bring tape recorders, songbooks, and tablature, but I believe most people can learn to play most bluegrass songs by ear, just like in the old days. Guitar and banjo players should have a capo, and every player should have an electronic tuner, or you can borrow one from me.
• Thanks for leading the group with your patience and humor. I've learned a lot, become more comfortable playing with others, and have greatly expanded my list of songs/tunes.
• Thanks for your ongoing patience with those of us who continue to put the "slow" in "slow jam!"
• You were so patient, helpful, and friendly yesterday and I can't thank you enough! You will definitely be seeing more of me now that I've found your jams.
• Hi Ran, I really enjoyed the jam - it's a great way to learn. As you can probably tell, I've done most of my playing at home, solo, so the jamming etiquette is new to me.

Ran Bush

Ran Bush has played music professionally in the Monterey Bay area and San Francisco Bay area for over thirty years. He also taught software classes at local community colleges for fifteen years. These experiences are now combined, helping others to listen, learn, and sing and play music in a fun, supportive environment.



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