Sunday Night with The Breedings

The Breedings

Willie Breeding writes classic country songs--emotional and boozy, melodic and catchy--while his sister Erin makes them her own with a formidable voice, uniquely fitted for tragedy and perfectly suited for the lovesick. Hailing from Lexington, KY, The Breedings are a brother/sister duo steeped in the tradition of family music. Coming together with a diverse collection of influences, The Breedings create a sound reminiscent of '70s country and rock, when country was still defined by lyrics, and rock'n'roll was still defined by rhythm. Their new album, "Fayette", is a demonstration of this symbiosis, recorded live to showcase the energy and connection between the two siblings. The result is seemingly effortless, with ten original songs the listener is as likely to consume on a Saturday night with drinks as the next morning with the resulting remorse and coffee.
The Breedings currently reside in Nashville, TN and play live shows throughout the Midwest and across the East Coast.



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