Sextonic Plates

Sextonic Plates

Three redheads and two brunettes, four guys and one girl, sugar, spice, snips of snails, Sextonic Plates want you to shake your tail. They pack a large sonic sound that’s in your face, rocking, and moving the ground. Southeast Kansas is the place they call home, a band that’s never at ease and ready to roam. Mark, Samantha, and Fred met Ryan and Roger for a few rounds of drinks and their ideas sparked the birth of Sextonic Plates. The garage is their playground where sultry, large sounds are made, banging, thrashing, and yelling, yet sweet, teasing, and tender. They move fast, not a timid one in the bunch, watch your ears, they pack a mean punch. Come out and see them when they roll through your town, watch them shake it and tear it all down.

Get Down On Your Filthy Knees And Crawl To The Altar That Is Prag...



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