Super Water Sympathy

Super Water Sympathy

Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, Super Water Sympathy are following up their 2011 self-release Vesper Belle with Hydrogen Child, the next chapter in the development of the band’s self-made genre Water Pop. Hydrogen Child is a twelve-track synthesis of classic symphonic ambience with modern rock’n’roll anthems which was released April 23, 2013 on Portland, Oregon-based indie In Music We Trust Records.

In the summer of 2012, the band decided to record Hydrogen Child with producer Cam Blackwood (Florence + The Machine, Coldplay, Morrissey) in London; whereas Vesper Belle was all over the map musically, this time they wanted to concentrate on a sound that was the most representative of the band, resulting in a much more focused album.

Following the album's completion, the band flew back to the States and hit the road on Vans' Warped Tour, allowing them to preview the songs in front of an audience prior to the album's release…and the reaction was great. They also lent their writing and production skills to B.O.B's Strange Clouds with the track "Chandelier."

With comparisons bound to conjure up images of Coldplay, The Fray, and Florence + the Machine, Super Water Sympathy can play to the pop crowd, but Hughes' stage presence and commanding voice also ensures they fit right at home on Vans' Warped Tour, who invited them in 2013.

Hydrogen Child is truly a leap forward for Super Water Sympathy, and Water Pop has never sounded so good. The band plans on touring relentlessly across the United States (with plans to tour Europe, too) to expose and share their sound with the masses. Come check it out, the Water is just right…!

February Zero

When every band in the area is trying to break into the local music scene, February Zero is breaking out. Hailing from the San Francisco bay area, February Zero is shattering the stereotype of being just another rock band by creating a powerful sonic and visual experience to stand out amongst the crowd. Born in 2009 when both former Trip Device (Broken Ocean Entertainment) Guitarist/Keyboardist Greg Ramirez & former The Silence (Nutcase Entertainment) bassist Michael Reynoso met, the band took shape when the two songwriters crafted a powerful merger of their respected writing styles. Mixing a unique blend of genres focusing on infectious melodies, driving guitars and ambient synths, they created a sound that is equal parts raw, visceral emotion and delicate, entrancing synthetic soundscapes. Drawing elements from the rock, punk, and synth/electronic genres, songs such as Head Games & Sedative display the diverse drive and combination of different components that define February Zero’s unique sound. Once the band’s own musical identity had been established, they began a worldwide search for the voice that would lead & represent the sound of FZ. After over a year of auditions, vocal sensation David Fray from Paso Robles, Ca, along with drummer Derek Warwick (ex Tattooed Millionaires) were recruited to round out the line up.

With February Zero now fully formed, the band set out to find a top industry producer to mix, master and co-produce their debut EP, as well as help solidify the band’s sound. The band found one in Eddie Caipo (Smashmouth) and seasoned producer Paul Miner (A.F.I., Shinedown, Motorhead, New Found Glory, Thrice, Atreyu), who joined in during the recording process when the band forwarded him rough mixes of their sessions. Released in early 2013, February Zero is now gaining commercial and college radio play and touring throughout the United States. Hitting stages with their energetic performances and powerful stage presence, the band delivers an intense live show filled with excitement, soaring vocals, electronic samples & dual guitar and bass cabinets. FZ has arranged their live set to become one of the biggest sounding bands in the industry today. February Zero is a show, truly not to be missed.

Gotaway Girl

Chicks, guitars, cowboy boots, harmonies, Americana folk rock with a stab of Emo. These girls can play and they're fun to look at too. Gotaway girl lives up to their name through nostalgic reminders for the boys and empowering lyrics for the gals. You can catch them playing all over the La La music scene at The Hotel Cafe, House of Blues, The Mint, etc. and of course performing in support of their favorite charity, The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Currently in the studio, but excited to hit the festival circuit this summer...stay tuned for tour dates!


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