Night Beats

Night Beats

The band was unintentionally founded by El Segundo natives Joo-Joo Ashworth (guitar, vocals) and Jeff Fribourg (omnichord), who each graduated from El Segundo High School in 2012 and 2008, respectively.

"Frothing at the gash" is a crude Australian idiom which combines the phrase "frothing at the mouth" with a slang term for vagina: gash, typically referring to a woman who is eager to have sex.

Let the giggles abound, but Froth's music is just as good and nasty as its vulgar roots. They're blending a delicious combination of '60s garage, psych, surf, low-fi, and shoegaze drenched in Ashworth's exaggerated lyrical compositions bathed in washed out, heady vocals. Maybe some Country Joe & the Fish, Creation, and general '60s nuggets from the old school, mixed with some Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Angels, and Entrance Band from the newer school. It's a neo-psychedelic sound quite popular in parts of Europe currently, as well as throughout Los Angeles – which is where Froth has taken it. They're presently based in Echo Park.

Black Sea

"Californian trio BLACK SEA's debut album, Keep Smiling, jumps happily onto the dream-pop bandwagon and directs it into wonderfully sunny territory. Complete with droning, reverb-heavy vocals, shimmering guitars and – most importantly – brazen tambourine-bashing, standout Fling is an infectious, pounding celebration of summer revelry."- sexbeatlondon



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