Tailfeathers, Shaggwell


TailFeathers is an R&B band hailing from Chicago. Bringing together a soulful blend of funk and hip-hop, these cats are bound to sweep you off your feet and into your dancin' shoes.

Chicago based band, Shaggwell, is a band comprised of Columbia College students Rudy Bless, Ben Dacoba, Corbin Howard & Mich Shirey. Their sound contains elements of Soul, Funk and R&B with influences from John Mayer Trio to Stevie Wonder, from Prince to the eclectic sound of Motown generated by The Funk Brothers. Lyrically, they delve into the ideals and battles between love and sex and everyday life that we live while trying to make sense of the world around with hints of political matter. Shaggwell is, by nature, pushing the boundaries on mixing all styles and genres of music and not being contained by any one. Shaggwell's main goal is similar to what that of the likes of D'Angelo & Raphael Saadiq are doing; creating a groove that is purely infectious and informs and inspires the lyrics in which they are sung. In the midst of all the music being put out in the world, Shaggwell stands to make their mark in an ever changing industry.

$8.00 - $10.00


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