Nik Turner's HAWKWIND (performing Space Ritual in its entirety)


A Founding member of Hawkwind, Nik Turner gave the group some of it's avant garde edge with this ambitious flute amd saxophone performances, which fit Hawkwind's visionary sound to perfection.
Nik Turner (born Nicholas Turner, 26 August 1940, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England) is a British musician, best known as a founding member of space rock pioneers Hawkwind. Turner plays saxophones, flute, sings and is a composer. While with Hawkwind, Turner was known for his experimental free jazz stylisations and outrageous stage presence, often donning full makeup and Ancient Egypt-inspired costumes.


Also serving as Nik Turner's backing band, Hedersleben have also served as the opening/ backing/ session band for legendary groups Brainticket and, of course, Hawkwind.


Original instrumental music blending classical, world & psychedelic rock for travelers of time, space and dimensions in between.

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