Able Hands, Evening Darling, Ideal Fire, Cancion

Able Hands

Able Hands is the work of Michael Klics, a self-taught songwriter and musician from New Jersey. With an ever changing entourage of musicians such as Joe Biglin (The Jungle Jazz Initiative) and Steve Marion (Delicate Steve), Able Hands draws its influences from both the American songwriting tradition and a rich palate of musical styles. From jazz to country to hip hop the music leaves no avenue unexplored. Klics’ songwriting was once described by Henry Wolfe as having a certain darkness to it like “nighttime in the city.” But even with eerie undertones, there is warmth to the songs that breeds a comfortable familiarity in the listener. While the music affects different moods, the thoughtful and mature lyrics provide completeness.

Able Hands will be releasing a music video and a 3 song E.P. in May, which will preface the release of their L.P., Only American, in the summer.

Evening Darling

Evening Darling formed in 2015 with Erica Lane (vocals), Nick Lerangis (guitars, vocals), Dan Burke (drums) and Dave Letchinger (keyboard), after the quartet spent three years together playing in NYC’s The Hunting Party.

While they cut their teeth in the New York music scene playing a wistful brand of folk and Americana, the band began to brush up against their musical boundaries after recording their second EP, Sirens and Lights, at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn with producer Jeremy Backofen (The Felice Brothers). After releasing Sirens and Lights and the accompanying music video on SPIN’s Under The Gun review and Bushwick music blog APUTUMPU, Lane and her three bandmates decided to strike out on their own, booking a string of weekends on the road, taking the band up and down the East Coast with a brand new lineup and barely any time to rehearse. The foursome took new and old songs from Newport, RI, to tumbledown towns in upstate New York, all the way down to Durham, NC, and returned as Evening Darling.

Burke insists that he saw “Evening, Darling!” sprayed across the side of a desolate Queens warehouse while driving to the band’s rehearsal studio in Gowanus. The band quickly decided to use this as their new name, but have unsuccessfully tried to find the original street art. Evening Darling’s music is as elusive as the graffiti that gave them their name, ranging from snarly Tom Petty-inspired heartland rock to Patsy Cline-influenced country R&B to sprawling tightly composed pop reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac. The touchpoint is Lane’s voice, which “reflect[s] and range[s] from the sweet sounds of Emmylou Harris to the darker side of Marissa Nadler.” (Bluegrass Situation, 2013)

With Jeremy Backofen again at the helm, Evening Darling is returning to the studio in August 2015 to record a full length album. Email if you manage to find the “Evening, Darling!” graffiti somewhere along the BQE. They’ll reward you handsomely.

Ideal Fire

We are a rock band
Jeff Mensch, Johnny Leitera, Turner Stough, and Eric Kuby


Guitarist/songwriter Cancion Franklin and Percussionist Ryan Smith
together form blues/delta//rock duo. Brutal lyrical honesty,
delivery, and driving rhythms.

NO bullshit music straight outta brooklyn. Dirt rock.

$8.00 - $10.00


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