Shining is a Norwegian band that started out as an acoustic jazz quartet in 1999. Their sound has since become more experimental and extreme, incorporating elements from metal and progressive rock as well as 19th and 20th century classical music.[6]


Featuring a core of musicians with nearly 15 years of experience playing together, Without Waves is set to bring their brand of experimental music to the Chicago and international music scene. The band released their newest EP, entitled "The Entheogen" in January 2014, and is garnering interest through their eccentric music and intense live shows.
Without Waves was formed in early 2010 by Garry Naples, Zac Lombardi, Anthony Cwan and John Picillo. The four members had played together in various incarnations over the past decade, but were seeking a fresh start to expand their musical ideas and goals. A new project with a less definitive style
was the answer and Without Waves was born. With a group of songs written, the band entered in the studio in 2010 to record a demo, and subsequently, a full album. "Scab Platter" was released in 2011 and the band began performing regularly in Chicago and the around the Midwest.
In 2013 Without Waves returned to the studio to begin recording new music and "The Entheogen" EP was released in January 2014. Featuring two brand
new tracks and a cover of Ministry’s “TV II,” the EP illustrates the band’s expanding sound and diverse influences. With more new music ready to go, the band is now in process of recording a second full length album, slated for a 2016 release.

Musically, Without Waves is meant to be the product of a musical experimentation between its four members. Blending influences from extreme metal to jazz fusion to electronic & atmospheric rock, the music features unconventional rhythms, diverse melodies, and expressive lyrics. The band members seek to constantly challenge themselves as musicians and advance
their creativity.

Evolution Through Experimentation.

Stuck Underwater

In 2005 a group of Chicago-area musicians came together to talk about music. They talked about thrash and soul, punk and funk, hardcore and jazz. Not content with playing the same old heavy music they threw together all that noise into the sonic explosion that is STUCK UNDERWATER – music made with no rules at all.
After toiling on stages in the Chicagoland area (Double Door, Beat Kitchen, Logan Square Auditorium, Mutiny, Abbey Pub, etc.) as well as road shows throughout the Midwest (opening for The End recording artist Tub Ring), STUCK UNDERWATER has seen their fan-base growing with each high energy live show. No stage, no line-up, and no crowds have been too far out of reach for the band to connect with. The 2008 release of the band's first full-length album, No Script To Follow, unleashed their diverse sound on new ears. No Script To Follow, produced by Christopher Wolff (Chapter Seven, Trials, Drawing A Blank), pummels listeners with the thrash of "Mr. Skeptical," the eclectic sounds of "Red And Left Behind," and the fun groves of "Licky Lollygagging University" and "My Great Obsessions." No Script To Follow combines intelligent lyrics with heavy blasts of aggression, smooth groves, and instrumentation not normally associated with heavy music.
The 2009 addition of drummer Jim Svoboda to the already solid line-up of Chris Shern (lead vocal, trumpet, harmonica, percussion), Chris Teter (bass, backing vocal, percussion), and John A Beavers (guitar, backing vocal, percussion) has further enhanced the already diverse sound STUCK UNDERWATER has to offer. Future plans for STUCK UNDERWATER include further touring in the Midwest as well as the development of a second album that will crush the rules even further.

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