Bloodphart (Featuring Evil Jared of The Bloodhound Gang)

Bloodphart (Featuring Evil Jared of The Bloodhound Gang)

A side project of Evil Jared from Bloodhound Gang.

Pennsylvania / Germany (2008 - present)

Based in Disgraceland, Pennsylvania and fronted by Evil Jared Hasselhoff, one of Germany’s most popular teenage idols, Bloodphart brings forth mediocre musical talent, storytelling lyrics, and onstage antics that only their mothers could love, but don’t. Strippers, guns, drugs and liquor… pretty much sums up the tales transcribed both onstage and off. You’ll leave the venue wondering why you even came…


Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of SHAT, the twisted brain-child of Mr. Jeff Wood. If one were to actually refrain from listening to this work of genius, they would only be cheating themselves of what would surely be a life changing experience. Doubters be damned, believers be saved. SHAT is here to salvage your soul, as well as the sorry state of modern rock n roll. SHAT is the natural extension of idiot savant, true rebel icon, and underground porno star Jeff Wood. SHAT could quite possibly be our generations Bob Dylan, or perhaps James Taylor with a particular predilection for vernacular references to the more choice pieces of the female anatomy. Jeff Wood, born a normal human being in beautiful New Jersey, has lived a storybook life, a tale as intriguing as it is inspiring TRUE STORY! Several years ago, Jeff Wood, an already budding musical prodigy was forever transformed into a modern day superhero when a stray bullet was lodged into his frontal lobe as he stood by innocently and unknowingly during a gang shootout in Los Angeles. This in fact could have been the actual and factual true Magic Bullet. Instead of killing Wood, it remained firmly in place as he lay a bed-ridden victim, and the small shard of mystical metal began manifesting and awakening previously unknown powers in Jeff Wood. As he relearned menial day-to-day tasks such as tying his shoes, he found that his musical gifts had not only remained unaffected, but had taken on a quality of twisted uber-genius. Gone forever from his once normal brain were trivial thoughts and worries of the average mind, and replaced with a child-like primal mind driven by sex, food, and rock n roll music. With the transformation complete, the world was ready to be saved, and Jeff Wood was the chosen one. Thus, the true essence of SHAT is the basic nature of life: fucking, feeding, and rocking like none other. SHAT is here to elevate the quality of todays bland music scene by writing songs which Wood claims consist of nothing but choruses, as well as liberal usage of the word cunt. SHAT songs are anthems for the average working man, and the misfit miscreant in us all. Every day people who work as laborers and lawn mowers (Woods secret identity being a common landscaper) can relate to the common themes expressed in such songs as Thank God For Pussy, Show Your Tits, and of course, Shit On Her Tits. These are just a few of the key tracks from SHATs sophomore album CUNTREE. CUNTREE is the follow up to the hugely successful underground classic THE CUNT CHRONICLES. Both of these landmark releases serve to prove that bullets in the brain quite possibly give one a supernatural access to musical gifts beyond that of other mortal musicians. Over the course of listening to these 69 songs in 69 minutes, one cannot help but be converted into a SHAT believer. The masterwork that is CUNTREE will undoubtedly inspire legions of struggling musicians to wander the streets of Compton after dark in hopes of catching a hot lead head wound, and inheriting a modicum of the superhuman talent displayed in these tracks. Songs like I Fucked Your Wife and Give Cunt A Chance guarantee to convince the world that SHAT is the future of rock n roll, Jeff Wood is the musical messiah, and were all here to be saved whether we are prepared for it or not



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