The Matchsellers

The Matchsellers

The Matchsellers are Andrew Morris and Julie Bates. The project began when Morris (Warsaw, Indiana) and Bates (Kansas City, MO) met in Leipzig, Germany. While working as ex-pats, the duo began musically reanalyzing the folk forms of their homeland in the decaying buildings of East Germany. In this environment, they developed a new kind of alternative bluegrass. The music is stuck somewhere between the electric blues of Chicago and the bluegrass of Kentucky, and has acquired the filth and abandonment of post-communist, ex-patriot life.

Flash In A Pan

Six Iowa City musicians have teamed up to ramble every where from street corners to red carpet events. Founded in 2012, named on the assumption that the band would play two shows and dissolve; the band is currently in it's third year of playing all over Iowa.


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