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Darren Zancan Band

Behind the heartbreaks and life altering moments, is a man, guitar in hand, strumming away on Chord E, soothing the stuffy air of a crowded venue with his harmonica, singing a song for the person who meant the most to him in life - his father.
Darren Zancan will tell you he grew up in a music-based household, despite being adopted, where his father fronted several bands on the guitar.
Not until high school did he pay attention to his love for music. After losing his best friend to a tragic car accident, he knew music would play an important role in his life. In 2002, Darren helped from the band ZION, who played more than 50 shows throughout the Midwest. In 2006 the band went their separate ways, but Darren took up interest in the guitar. Darren later moved to Kentucky, where his life changed, bringing him closer to music. He co-formed Down Jupiter in early 2008. While in Down Jupiter, his dad was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. Darren turned to his guitar for comfort. Out of the pain came music. “Table for One”--- written by Darren for his dad was picked up by national CD distribution companies. The band disbanded in 2009, leaving Darren the opportunity to go after something he longed to achieve; He wanted to play his music, fronting his own band with the right pieces to pull out the music he wrote. Darren made a promise to his father that he would carry out their music dreams. After his father’s death, Darren surrounded himself with music.
That’s how the Darren Zancan Band was formed. The passion, energy and drive are on display for the world to see and he vows to keep his promise, hoping his music will reach others. After an exhaustive 2009/10, where Darren saw 10 people in his life pass away, all he could turn to was his music. That’s all he had left. Since the Darren Zancan Band was formed, the group has headlined shows at Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago and Nashville, as well as Goose Island, Ace Bar and more. Darren and his band released its first full-length album in 2012, titled "Masquerade Ball." Heading into 2013, the group took a break, but have since re-charged and are back at it again. They are shuffling the lineup and making some other changes, but group is ready to start writing its second album. 2013 is shaping up to be a big year.

Lakeside collective

Lakeside Collective was formed on a cold fall night, on the Northside of Chicago. We met through school and open ears. After spending the time jamming and creating we decided to pursue what we had.

Still an early band we are moving quickly on the scene and playing as much as possible, trying to express our art and the limits in which we are willing to go for improvisation.

We hope we can make you groove.

$7.00 - $10.00


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