Ami Saraiya & The Outcome

Ami Saraiya & The Outcome

There's drama when Ami Saraiya and her band, The Outcome, take the stage. It's a dark atmosphere, but it swings baby—a worldly staging of folk punk and jazz cabaret. And amongst the accordion, the violin and the guitars, it's Ami's sultry voice that recalls Piaf and Holiday which takes the spotlight. Then, there are the song-stories—often saturnine, often employing magical realism.

In December 2011, Ami presents her next act: A three-song, self-titled EP that previews upcoming material on a full-length album set for a Fall 2011 release. Teaming up again with producer Mark Messing (Mucca Pazza), Ami & The Outcome recorded three songs that breathe drama but don't choke on it. Together, they craft songs that open wide with theatrical inspiration but never have it come across as forced. Ami and her band are effortless in mixing up genres, contorting and shape-shifting, much like the circus performers that appear in Ami's songs. "Hanging by a Thread" is a piece of modern cabaret told from the perspective of a circus aerialist, while "Purging Purging" is a firey rave-up. The Musette-style waltz of "Cattle Prod Hands," a dark tale inspired by recent stories of US torture in Iraq, closes out the EP.

Ami is a veteran of the Chicago eclectic and varied music scene—before she released her first solo album, Archeologist, Ami was a member of pop collective Radiant Darling and R&B band Pelvic Delta, and has toured locally and regionally with appearances at The Hideout, The Empty Bottle, Metro and Double Door. A classically-trained pianist and a former music major at Indiana University, Ami also plays accordion and
the guitar. Ami performs live with her band, The Outcome.



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